Codes and Giveaways: Win the Max or Min Power Banks for the coming iPhone 5se

Power Bank 20000mAh Sweepstakes
Max 20000mAh Monster Power Bank VS Min 3350mAh Power Bank with flashlight .  

Are you waiting for iPhone 7? Not iPhone 6C, not iPhone 7, here is the iPhone 5se in 2016 spring. OK,  then what is iPhone 5se? According to sources who have used the upcoming iPhone with a 4-inch display. Apple may launch a new device and use the name “iPhone 5se”. About the coming new iPhone 5se, will you get a external battery for it? Getting some tips from Best power banks for iPhone 5se if the answer is yes. In this giveaway, about the Max vs Min, which one do you prefer if you have a new iPhone 5se?


Leave your expectations about iPhone 5se and two winners will be chosen for their creative answers. Wish you a good luck! Please remember more social shares and comments bring more luck.


EasyAcc 20000mAh Monster Power Bank <20%off, Get codes here

20000mAh can charge an iPhone 6 up to 7.5 times, a Galaxy S6 up to 5 times or an iPad Mini 3 about two times. If it’s  obscure to you, read How many times can a 20000mAh power bank fully charge your phone before you make the decision. The super capacity of 20000mAh is not the only selling feature of it, actually, unique 4A Dual ports input, can be superfast recharged in 6 hours, reduce the recharging time up to 50% than usual 20000mah battery.


3350mAh Power Bank with flashlight <40%off, Get codes here>

Only 4.22 x 0.95 x 0.86 inch and 2.41 ounce, EasyAcc 3350mAh Power Bank is a lipstick size, fits easily into any pocket or bag, as well as hold in hand. 0.5W/ 40~50 Lumens, al least 10 times the brightness of that in ordinary power bank; it’s not just a power bank, but a backup flashlight as well. How to use the Power Bank with flashlight? Get some ideas from Why not have a power bank with the LED flashlight?


Win the Max or Min Power Banks for the coming iPhone 5se


To get more details about iPhone 5se:

iPhone 7? Nope, it’s iPhone 5se

77 thoughts on “Codes and Giveaways: Win the Max or Min Power Banks for the coming iPhone 5se

  1. I still have a Blackberry, my kids both have iphone 6’s and are very happy with them, I expect the iphone 5se will be a great product


  2. Never having an Iphone, I’d like to see an external battery, with a good charge/life, a good camera and plenty of memory for all the apps, pics and music! The Max 20000mAh Monster Power Bank would help me out with my current phone as the battery doesn’t last a full day! 😦


  3. Max 20000mAh Monster Power Bank – i always have 2 phones with me and you can guarantee they both run out at the same time when i am travelling


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