Why iPad says not charging?

Why iPad says no charging

Why iPad says not charging?

Why iPad says no charging

Have you ever met the occasion that iPad says not charging? (No matter which version has the same problem) Why? Before contacting Apple for help, you should read the article that offers some steps to make your iPad say yes.


1. USB ports are wrong for iPad

USB ports are wrong for iPad
Sometimes, we just plug the electronic devices into the USB ports when they are power off. But, iPad says not to USB for normal USB ports with ordinary power can not feed juice to iPad. Original USB Power Adapter should be the right choice. Portable charger will be an alternative.


2. Use the right charger

Use the right charger
Answer me a question, can you distinguish between iPhone charger and iPad charger? If you are plugging the iPad into an iPhone charger, iPad will say not charging then it’s normal. Because iPhone chargers is not compatible with iPad. In brief, the iPhone charger provide less power to iPad so that’s why iPad says not charging. The right way to charge your iPad is with the included 10W or 12W (5W on Mini) USB Power Adapter. About the coming iPhone 5se, what does the charger look like? Follow the tips to fix the iPad not charging error.


3. Warm iPad up

Warm iPad up
It’s ridiculous before I get the tip. But, it works:( In winter, you’d better to give a little time to warm iPad up before charging it or the better way is to wrap iPad with clothes or quilt while charging it.


4. Power is not enough

Power is not enough

A portable charger increases the time you can play on your devices so using a right power bank to feed juice to the iPad is usually. Here is a tip, getting some ideas about mAh before you have a portable charger for you iPad. Power is not enough is another reason why iPad says not charging! For example, 20000mAh is a high capacity that provide an iPad Mini 3 full charge 2 times. Choose a 20000mAh Power Bank to stop iPad says not charging.

5. iPad is not happy

iPad is not happy
Occasionally, hardware problem with the Lightning or Dock connector causes iPad says not charging, but often enough it’s a software issue that a few simple steps can fix.


6. Call Apple for help

Call Apple for help
It’s wise to make a call to Apple after you try above steps. Professional suggestions about why iPad says not charging will come to you, while it may come with fee.

Watch a video on why iPad says no charging?


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53 thoughts on “Why iPad says not charging?

  1. I have had this happen, and it was the USB chord, but not from being the wrong one. My cat had tugged on it and caused the connection to come loose. It wasn’t all the way out and still looked like it was plugged in, but even the slightest disconnect stopped the charge. So along with wrong USB’s check the connection is tight and secure. 😉


  2. I’ve never tried but Apple is very special in his things, everything is more expensive and less compatible with other Apple technology not but appreciate the information and will consider!


  3. Another reason is not using “Certified” cable but mostly it’s underpowered or powered off USB ports


  4. Probably you are using the wrong charger. Get your charger directly from Apple stores. Or may the charger you are using is bad, get a new one from the Apple stores.


  5. I’ve found that I’ve had to mark my chargers. My iPad 1 charger will not charge my iPad 3, nor will my iPhone charger charge anything other than the phone.


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