Best cheap portable Bluetooth speakers 2017

A portable Bluetooth speaker is your best companion when you travel or do sports and want to enjoy music on the go. You want to buy one but think it isn’t worth to cost more than $50. Best Cheap Bluetooth Speaker under $40 Everyone wants to save money, but the saddest thing ever happened is thatContinue reading “Best cheap portable Bluetooth speakers 2017”

Codes and Giveaways: Win the Max or Min Power Banks for the coming iPhone 5se

Max 20000mAh Monster Power Bank VS Min 3350mAh Power Bank with flashlight .   Are you waiting for iPhone 7? Not iPhone 6C, not iPhone 7, here is the iPhone 5se in 2016 spring. OK,  then what is iPhone 5se? According to sources who have used the upcoming iPhone with a 4-inch display. Apple may launch a new device and useContinue reading “Codes and Giveaways: Win the Max or Min Power Banks for the coming iPhone 5se”

Power Deal: EasyAcc 20,000mAh plus U-bright 3350mAh Power Bank

  Woohoo here once again comes to power deal!!! What deals are this time? Please see more details below.   EasyAcc 20,000mAh Power Bank — Hugh capacity with up to 95% charging conversion rate, it could charge up an iPhone 6 up to 7.5 times, a Galaxy S6 up to 5 times or even anContinue reading “Power Deal: EasyAcc 20,000mAh plus U-bright 3350mAh Power Bank”

Celebrate National Reading Day—Amazon Book Deal Day

National Reading Day is an annual event which celebrates and encourages reading by younger children and is celebrated in thousands of schools all around the United States. Millions of pre-kindergarten through third grade students will participate in a wide variety of learning activities to celebrate literacy.     Amazon Books provides an up to 50%Continue reading “Celebrate National Reading Day—Amazon Book Deal Day”

50% Off Deal: EasyAcc 2nd Gen. 10,000mAh Power Bank

If you are in need of some additional power to keep your smartphones or other mobile devices charged during the day, then the best way is to make use of a power bank. In fact, next Monday, EasyAcc 2nd Gen. Smart Power Bank will be ON SALE, 50% OFF, the LOWEST price ever since it came to market. Continue reading “50% Off Deal: EasyAcc 2nd Gen. 10,000mAh Power Bank”