3 Best iPad Pro 2018 Accessories

This year’s new iPad Pro has undergone tremendous changes. In addition to catering to the trend and choosing a full-screen screen, it has abandoned some classic designs such as removing the frontal physical Home button like the iPhone. The border transition also indirectly changes the design of some iPad Pro accessories. For example, the second-generation Apple Pencil is no longer the full-cylindrical shape, and its body has a flat side, which allows it to be magnetically attracted to the border of the iPad Pro. All of this means that you need to consider some new accessories for the new iPad Pro, and here are some best accessories for the iPad Pro 2018.

Twelve South Compass Pro

This solid steel stand has soft silicone in the right places. It’s strong, stable and folds flat to go wherever your iPad  Pro roams. Compass Pro works with all iPad Pro, iPad and iPad mini models. It not only fit for your new iPad Pro 2018, but your older iPads.

• Holds iPad at three different angles for hands-free (or hands-on) use. 
• Super-stable metal design supports even the largest 12.9 iPad Pro. 
• 2nd leg tilts iPad up to a more comfortable typing or sketching angle. 
• Folds flat for complete portability and works with most iPad covers & cases.

CarbonKlean ScreenKlean Tablet Screen Cleaner

The best way to clean fingerprints and kill bacteria on iPad Pro and other larger touchscreens is to use the CarbonKlean Screen Klean cleaner instead of a piece of cloth.

• It cleans fingerprints easily using the exclusive molecular-based technology, which contains an invisible carbon cleaning compound.
• The very effective dry-clean technology, substance-free, that is also used exclusively in space by NASA to clean glass.
• Eliminates the need to carry around messy liquids and dirty clothes. Available in 7 unique colors.

iPens X1 Active Stylus Digital Pens

The iPens X1 has a 2mm replaceable tip made of rubber. The pen’s tip protects touchscreens from being scratched. It avoids noise when in contact with the screen and shows no perceptible lag.

• Not only the new iPad Pro, it’s 100% compatible with Apple iOS devices.
• Press the cap switch, the LED indicator will flash in blue once, iPens X1 starts up. NO Bluetooth connection or any other annoying setting needed.
• It can continuously work for about 10 hours and 60 days standby. For power-saving, when the pen moves out of the screen for 4 minutes, it will automatically power off. In some degree, it also saves power for your iPad Pro. 

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