Some Hidden Features of Google Home You Don’t Know About


Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. You can tell it to do things simply by saying the wake words “Hey, Google” or “OK, Google”, then asking a question or giving a command. Your Google Home will distinguish your voice from others and respond to your command immediately. But I guess that you may already know all this. Here I will tell you some hidden features of Google Home which you may not know about, including a few useful tips and tricks.


  • Google Home can tell voices apart and give personalized responses. Now Google Home can recognize up to six voices and give personalized responses. And the way to training your Google Home to distinguish different voices is not a difficult thing. New users just need to link their Google accounts to the device and speak the wake words ”Hey, Google” or “OK, Google” several times to train the Assistant to learn the new sound of their voice. So even if you are living with your family or friends, Google Home can bring convenience to all of you.


  • Google Home can help remember stuff. “OK, Google. Remember…”, just by using this short command, your small Google Home can remember everything for you. It can even remember your previous questions to better answer you in the future. With the ”remember” feature, it seems that you don’t have to worry about forgetting things anymore. “Hey, Google. Where is my wallet?” ”It’s in your Jacket pocket.” “OK, Google. What did I tell you to remember?”


  • Google Home can play games with you. There are 43 games including Guessing Games, Adventure Games, Party Games, Math and Number Games, Classic Games and Trivia five types you can choose to play with Google Home. And more games will be added over time. Google Home is not only for controlling your smart home, you can use it for fun and relax just by starting with “OK, Google. Mad Libs” (“the world’s greatest word game”) or some other command like “OK, Google. (Name of the game)”.


  • Control the playing music without saying the wake words. If you want to start or stop the music you’re playing without saying the wake words, you can use long-press or tap to give your Google Home a command. And if you want to change the volume, you can rotate your finger clockwise or counter clockwise to adjust it.
  • Google Home can sing random songs. Not merely singing you a Happy Birthday song, Google Home can sing different songs for you by random. To enjoy the Home’s song, what you need to do is launching the assistant and saying “Sing a song”.


    There are plenty of features can be listed about Google Home, especially some new features of the Home like Hands-free calling. The above are just some of the hidden features of it which you may not know about. Finally hope this article will be useful to you and look forward to Google Home’s launch in Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Japan!




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