Best Apple Watch Accessories 2021 You Should Buy

Apple Watch is one of the most customizable consumer tech products. They provide two sizes, three versions, two case materials, a wide rang of straps and a cellular connection version optional. Therefore, you can easily get one you like. And there are plenty of accessories from third-party manufactures which let you better customize your AppleContinue reading “Best Apple Watch Accessories 2021 You Should Buy”

Best Protective Cases for AirPods Pro 2021

The charging case of AirPods Pro is beautiful and delicate. Thanks to its glossy white surface. But the smooth surface can be easily scratched and turns to be dirty. Therefore, it should wear a protective case. There are more and more protective cases for AirPods Pro on the market. We have enough choices. We listContinue reading “Best Protective Cases for AirPods Pro 2021”

What can you do with a S Pen for Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung released their latest Galaxy phones, Galaxy S21 lineup. And the top-end Galaxy S21 Ultra supports the company’s S Pen stylus. It isn’t an ordinary stylus. Each generation has been added new function. S pen has been a staple of Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones for years. This is the first time showing on Galaxy S-series.Continue reading “What can you do with a S Pen for Galaxy S21 Ultra”

Best cases for Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 has been unveiled for almost a week, what about the performance of the most anticipated smartphone so far in 2019? Since it’s not officially released on the market yet, we could only take reviews from the media and influencers who have already had it hands-on. Generally most of the reviews and commentsContinue reading “Best cases for Samsung Galaxy S10”

Should I buy the Osmo Pocket Charging Case?

You may add DJI Osmo Pocket on your wish list for photographic equipment. Before buying, you should do a study on the accessories. Such as, should you buy the Osmo Pocket Charging Case? There is so less information released on the official website. So we spent a lot of time to gather all the informationContinue reading “Should I buy the Osmo Pocket Charging Case?”

Best Hard Case for MacBook Pro

Want to protect your MacBook Pro from drops, dings, and scratches?Want to differentiate your MacBook Pro from the massive laptops? Want to find a product that shows your unique style and caters to your budget needs? Follow me and find your best hard case for MacBook Pro. For Macbook Pro Type C accessories : TakeContinue reading “Best Hard Case for MacBook Pro”

Best Case for LG G6

Gone is that funky modular body of LG, its newest flagship LG G6 comes with a shine design featuring a big screen, tiny bezel and glass back. It was available to retailers on April 7 which is very close to that of Samsung Galaxy S8. With a powerful spec, the LG G6 is in aContinue reading “Best Case for LG G6”

Top 5 Wireless Charging Cases for iPhone 6

With the coming of new information stage, smartphone, which conveniently promotes the globalization of communication as an effective corresponding tool, has entered into everyone’s life and became an indispensible part of it. Smartphone satisfied people’s all kinds of demands for information receiving and sending, however there is still one agony for most of the people—theContinue reading “Top 5 Wireless Charging Cases for iPhone 6”

3 Best Kindle Cases to Protect Your Kindle

Today is a fast period and everything is trying to go online. A lot of people choose read through smartphones, Kindle, and computer, instead of buying a printing book, and read it slowly with a cup of tea or coffee. They think it save more time and space and they can read more information throughContinue reading “3 Best Kindle Cases to Protect Your Kindle”