3 Best Kindle Cases to Protect Your Kindle

Kindle case

Today is a fast period and everything is trying to go online. A lot of people choose read through smartphones, Kindle, and computer, instead of buying a printing book, and read it slowly with a cup of tea or coffee. They think it save more time and space and they can read more information through online. There are more and more App offer read platform. Also, the public said it is an environmental friendly way to the world. Do people really take time to read? Do those people really read some useful or great book through online? It is not the right time to judge now. I believe everyone have their own idea. But for those people who buy a kindle, they must really want to increase their reading time at least in the beginning.

kindle to readig

We all heard the All-New Kindle is on the way. There always case or other accessories for smartphones and iPad, but what about case for your lovely kindle? So, here we will introduce some best cases to protect your Kindle Paperwhite.

Amazon Kindle Case

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Case  $39.99

Official product is always more expensive than the third party for the brand, speciality, or other reason that we don’t know yet. But it is no doubt that case for Amazon itself should be the best choice for Kindle. It use premium natural leather exterior to protect your kindle. In order to secure our device, this kindle case use magnetic clasp instead of a straps, which improve the beauty of it. When you close it, your device will to go sleep immediately. In general, this case meets all the function and there is nothing wrong with it.

Fintie Kindle Case

Fintie Thinnest and Lightest Leather SmartShell Case  $14.99~$20.99

This is the most popular and beautiful one from the third party. It has plenty of color and designs that you can find the one you like for sure. This kindle case is made from durable synthetic leather with soft interior that can protect your screen more. It is pretty slim and lightweight that won’t let you bear more. For the other function like magnetic clasp or Wake and Sleep, there is no doubt that this case will offer.

Kandouren Kindle Case

Kandouren Kindle Paperwhite Case  $15.99

If you are a fan of Van Gogh, you may consider this kindle case. The only special part for this one, which is the reason shown here, is the oil painting The Starry Night from Van Gogh in the whole cover. Other design is just like a nice case.

Do you find any other lovely and great Kindle cases? Just let us know.


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