Does Samsung Galaxy S10 need screen protector

If you have felt bored about Samsung phones, that’s about to change a day after. Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup is undoubtedly the most anticipating phone in this season, the outstanding camera features, ultrasonic fingerprint reader and possible 5G connectivity are among the advanced changes. Is there something staying the same as its predecessor? Yes, the curvedContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S10 need screen protector”

Best iPhone 8 Cases for Wireless Charging

As the first batch of iPhone supporting wireless charging, iPhone 8 didn’t come with an original wireless charging pad. We paid for the wireless charging supporting iPhone 8. It wastes money if we don’t use the function. Without an Apple official AirPower as an option, it’s wise to choose a high-quality wireless charging pad from otherContinue reading “Best iPhone 8 Cases for Wireless Charging”

iPhone X Cases/ iPhone 8& 8 Plus Cases Free Trial Offers

The wait is finally over, 3 brand new iPhones have been taken the wraps off on 12th September.  Besides long-awaited iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X which marks the iPhone’s tenth-anniversary catches peoples’ eyes rapidly. New glass design that enables wireless charging& 5.8-inch Super Retina screen& TrueDepth camera used for Animoji, Face ID andContinue reading “iPhone X Cases/ iPhone 8& 8 Plus Cases Free Trial Offers”

What Phone Cases Do I Need for iPhone 8

The coming September of 2017 will witness the 10th anniversary of iPhone, and also, the release of iPhone. Though there are various accessories filled with the market for all kinds of reasons, you may never ignore the unique importance of a phone case, which ensures the safety of a phone. Here I would like toContinue reading “What Phone Cases Do I Need for iPhone 8”

Best Phone Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

We’re quickly creeping up to August 23, the scheduled date of the Galaxy Note 8’s unveiling. Finding a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case is easy – there are plenty for sale online. But finding the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases is a completely different matter. The good news for you is that there areContinue reading “Best Phone Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8”

Best Case for LG G6

Gone is that funky modular body of LG, its newest flagship LG G6 comes with a shine design featuring a big screen, tiny bezel and glass back. It was available to retailers on April 7 which is very close to that of Samsung Galaxy S8. With a powerful spec, the LG G6 is in aContinue reading “Best Case for LG G6”

Reviewer Invitation — EasyAcc iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Cases

Are you excited about the new release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus? If you are ready to get an iPhone 7 to have a try of updated functions and new features, don’t miss this chance to get your iPhone 7 covered up for free!  How to join this event? Please send your reviewContinue reading “Reviewer Invitation — EasyAcc iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Cases”