How to check AirPods battery on Android

AirPods work seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem, however, for Android users, some of the unique features are lost once you take them out of that ecosystem. For instance, if you want to know how to check your AirPods battery on Android, you’re out of luck—there’s no built-in method for doing so.

No worries, you can utilize third-party app to help fill the gap. Read on to learn how to check the AirPods battery level on Android.

MaterialPods is one of the most popular apps that can help check your AirPods battery level. It’s responsive, highly customizable, and offers fancy 3D-style animations. The Pro version has an auto-resume playback function when you connect your AirPods. It also has automatic in-ear detection although it’s still experimental.

To take advantage of MaterialPods, first search for and install the app from the Google Play Store. Then follow the on-screen prompts to give the app the necessary system permissions, including “connect to and view recent Bluetooth devices”, “show pop-ups over Android”, and “ignore battery-saving restrictions”. After that, the app will show the battery life of the AirPods recently connected.

Other apps are available, such as AirBattery, PodAir, and PodsBattery. They work the similar way as MaterialPods, but note that they ask for permission to track the location data of your Android smartphone, which is not needed to show AirPods’ battery life. 

If you are waiting for an official app, Apple would let you down. Apple is known to have locked products into its ecosystem. So unless Apple changes its corporate strategy, you’ll need a third-party AirPods app for your Android.


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