What’s new in CES 2016?

A new year is a new start, and that goes double for the tech world,  2015 has gone, The first week of January 2016 is when International CES takes place. The biggest technology show in the world is set to begin Monday, Jan. 4. Each year, CES provides a snapshot of the current state of consumer tech, and,Continue reading “What’s new in CES 2016?”

Explorographer: EasyAcc 15,000mAh Solar Panel Power Bank

Styling aside and well-built, this unit weighs what you expect a battery of this size to weigh.  The pack comes with a key ring carabiner and two USB cables with micro USB ends. One cable is roughly 6″ and the other included is 24″.  The unit does not come with a charger.  You can charge it up using yourContinue reading “Explorographer: EasyAcc 15,000mAh Solar Panel Power Bank”

TECHWALLS Review on EasyAcc 7W Solar Panel Charger

Have you still remembered the film details in Martian that the actor was how to regenerate power and get back to the Earth? Yes, the solar power. To the astronaut Mark Watney, enough power is meant to get back home; To most of us, enough power stored in phones is meant to get back to life. AmContinue reading “TECHWALLS Review on EasyAcc 7W Solar Panel Charger”

Power Cartel: EasyAcc U-Bright 3,000mAh USB Power Bank Teardown

This time, let’s have a look at what’s EasyAcc U-Bright 3,000mAh USB Power Bank inside. What feature determines a power bank? Most answers come to the battery cell. As the specifications shown, it provides 2 amps of current through USB and charge at 1 amp, compared to 1 amp current and 1 amp charge. UponContinue reading “Power Cartel: EasyAcc U-Bright 3,000mAh USB Power Bank Teardown”

EasyAcc 18,000mAh Power Bank PCAdvisor Review: Best-Value High-Capacity Power Bank Around

“If you need enough portable power to keep your phone or tablet going several days away from the mains, EasyAcc’s 18,000mAh Power Bank is one of the best value portable chargers we’ve found.”   — PCAdvisor In common with both the EC Tech models, the EasyAcc power bank has one USB output rated at 10.5W andContinue reading “EasyAcc 18,000mAh Power Bank PCAdvisor Review: Best-Value High-Capacity Power Bank Around”

Top 5 Tech Accessories for Outdoors 2015

Surely, no one, or at least, 99.99 percent of people love to go outdoors, to breathe fresh air, to feel the sunshine, to embrace the nature, and more. Today’s reviewer, living all year in a mountain area, particularly loves the sea. And for this reason, he put together many tech accessories and picked out topContinue reading “Top 5 Tech Accessories for Outdoors 2015”

GizchinaIT Review on EasyAcc Olive Bluetooth Speaker

Can EasyAcc’s Olive Bluetooth Speaker stand out from the multitude competitors on the market? Review first, value later. Design & Build Quality With the shape designed similar to American football, 21 cm in length, 6.7 cm in width and 150 grams in weight, how portable and trip-friendly it is! As the speaker’s shell is entirelyContinue reading “GizchinaIT Review on EasyAcc Olive Bluetooth Speaker”

[Video] Galaxy Tech Review on EasyAcc 2nd Gen. 10,000mAh Power Bank

Power. Speed. Compatibility. Portability.  Ultra-High 2.4A Smart Output It can automatically identify the type of device and deliever the suitable electric current your device demands, making the charging performance is perfect like the original adapter. Dual USB Outputs With a total output of 2.4A, it can juice up 2 smartphones or 1 tablet simultaneously. SlimContinue reading “[Video] Galaxy Tech Review on EasyAcc 2nd Gen. 10,000mAh Power Bank”

GadgetViper Review on EasyAcc Tablet Mount Holder

Preview: EasyAcc Tablet Mount Holder: A flesible holder with enough adjustment to securely hold a phone or tablet, featuring a very steady base clamp capable of fixing to surfaces up to 70mm in width. Specifications: Strong but flexible gooseneck design; Gooseneck length: 1 meter; Tablet holder adjustment: 100 – 250 mm; Tablet holder rotation: 360Continue reading “GadgetViper Review on EasyAcc Tablet Mount Holder”

EasyAcc 4,000mAh Power Bank with Built-in Cable Christmas Review

Why not some tech gifts for this year’s Christmas tree rather than candies and candies at last, especiallly for your tween and teen. Before sending out, you must have to look for something right and make sure it performs well. And the text belowe, from the blog named FRUGALITY IS FREE, wll help you atContinue reading “EasyAcc 4,000mAh Power Bank with Built-in Cable Christmas Review”