Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Review: Great Company Outside

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker reviews

If you want to find a beautiful pocket Bluetooth speaker, you may concern about Mi Bluetooth Speaker, which is just sold on Amazon with one month. Here, we will give you an overview of it to help you find your dream Bluetooth speaker.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker reviews

At the beginning, you can choose your favorite color from gold, blue, and pink. So, whether you are a lovely girl or a businessman, there is always a suitable color for you. The whole body is made by metal which brings a vibrant and high quality appearance. The well-ordered sound holes in the frond shows its delicate detail and the simple design in the back improves the smoothly hand feeling. By the way, even though it is metal made, the corner isn’t sharp so you don’t need to worry about hurting by it. There is a microphone and ports for SD card, USB charger, and aux in cable in one side, while the controlling keys in the other.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker reviews

It is pretty small and light that makes it easy to put in the hand or pocket. That’s why it is also called Mi pocket Bluetooth speaker.

However, the small size doesn’t mean low voice. On the contrary, if you lay the speaker flat in the desk and play music. You will find it jump on your desk because of the subwoofer. That’s the reason there are silicone pads in the bottom to keep it stable. Be aware here, the side with silicone pads is the bottom side.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker reviews

Except for all above, there is another special function that no one has. That is, the speaker will tell you the dumping energy by using a female voice after you click the battery bottom when opening.

All in all, consider about the appearance, usability, and portability, nothing wrong for the Mi Bluetooth speaker. The only problem may be the lively personality without silicone pads. For the tone quality, it is not professional but not bad, at least worth for the price, and it can stays up to 8 hours with a full battery. 

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker reviews

If talking about recommendation,  Mi Bluetooth speaker is  a nice designed entertainment speaker rather than a professional speaker. It is also a high quality product based on the overview. It has great battery performance and portability and strong subwoofer, if you want a Bluetooth speaker for indoor or travel, it can be one of your choices. You can take a look for the detail and get one in Amaozn. We also highly recommend our EasyAcc DP100 Ultra portable 4.0 Bluetooth Speaker


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