Reviews of The World’s Smallest Bluetooth Speaker: Is Smallest The Best?

the world's smallest bluetooth speaker reviews

the world's smallest bluetooth speaker reviews

Ignoring much for the sound quality, some people want to get a small Bluetooth speaker to make life full of music. But did tiny Bluetooth really works? Did the “tiny” characteristic better than using smartphone and worth for the price? Let’s take what is called “the world smallest Bluetooth speaker” as an example to test.

Before the test starts, the size of the whole product box, with just a piece user manual and a product inside, is small as the box of IPod shuffle, which is definitely small. Around the tiny cube product, there is a little grill on the top for music playing and a button in the bottom surrounded by microphone for all the controlling needed with a charging micro-USB jack.

When it starts, you can connect your cellphone with it through Bluetooth after an opening music and a blue light flashing in the bottom. After all the steps done, the music comes. But the sound won’t better than a smartphone speaker, which may lose the effect of getting an extra speaker. What looks worse is that the microphone is just a decorative part, because people in the other side can’t hear your voice clearly by it.

Therefore, we will say that the world smallest speaker may be nothing more than a decoration, if you are still thinking about getting a small but useful Bluetooth speaker, which is easy to carry in daily life, we will prefer to recommend our EasyAcc Bridge Design Multi-functional Bluetooth Speaker. It is small but definitely works better.

If you want to know more detail about the smallest Bluetooth speaker, please check the video below. Still, we welcome you to tell us what you think.


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