Best iPad Pro Keyboard – Apple, Logitech, Brydge and More

Choosing a smart keyboard to pair with your iPad pro has always been a hard decision to make. There are lots of ipad pro keyboards on the market including Apple smart keyboard, Logitech create, ZAGG slime book and Brydge ipad pro keyboard. Which one is the best ipad pro keyboard? Below is a detailed introductionContinue reading “Best iPad Pro Keyboard – Apple, Logitech, Brydge and More”

Top 5 Apple Pencil Holder

Apple pencil has been a necessary companion of ipad pro users as it works great for taking notes or for artwork on the iPad Pro 9.7 & 12.9. However, the problem is how easy it is to lose the cap and USB adapter. While the Apple pencil cap is magnetic and stays in place onContinue reading “Top 5 Apple Pencil Holder”

Best iPad Pro Leather Case

There is lots of Apple fans buy everything Apple made first time they come out, iPad pro is no exception. The iPad Pro is an expensive piece of kit and they need a better protection for their fragile aluminum body and screen. A leather case would be most elegant and effective case for iPad Pro.Continue reading “Best iPad Pro Leather Case”

EasyAcc iPad Pro Case, Sleeves and Bags

As elegant as the iPad pro is, it needs better protective skins to prevent it from falling damage. EasyAcc is providing variety of iPad pro case, sleeves and bags. TPU cases EasyAcc iPad Pro 12.9” Case    EasyAcc TPU case for iPad Pro 9.7” Leather cases EasyAcc Ultra-Slim Synthetic Leather Case for iPad Pro 9.7”Continue reading “EasyAcc iPad Pro Case, Sleeves and Bags”

Ipad Pro 9.7 vs 12.9: Differences and Similarities

As the 2 newest products in Apple’s Pro series, ipad pro 12.9 inches which was released in November 2015 and its smaller brother iPad pro 9.7 inches released in March 2016 are naturally compared by people who want to by an iPad pro. Today in this passage, we will do an iPad Pro 9.7 vsContinue reading “Ipad Pro 9.7 vs 12.9: Differences and Similarities”

Top 5 Apple Pencil Case for your iPad Pro 9.7 & 12.9

Apple Pencil case and holder are just popular as the Apple Pencil, the new toy of apple big family is at once completely sophisticated and totally easy to use but far more just a drawing utensil. There are also certain tasks that just aren’t possible with Apple’s new accessory. But the most important problem is notContinue reading “Top 5 Apple Pencil Case for your iPad Pro 9.7 & 12.9”