Logitech Create Keyboard for iPad Pro Reviews

logitech create keyboard reviews

After iPad pro coming up, there are two keyboards designed for it, Apple Smart Keyboard and Logitech Create Keyboard. Here is the experience report for Logitech Create Keyboard.

logitech create keyboard overview

In fact, Logitech Create Keyboard is a combination of keyboard and iPad pro case. Its named “Create” shows Logitech’s attention to new product. It is designed as a notebook with a textile cover, which brings great skid resistance and hand feeling. However, because of that, the whole product becomes a big guy. With its size 12.4 in*9.05 in*0.78 in and weight 25.6oz, it is nearly an iPad Pro. This is the worst part of the design.

textile cover make Create keyboard thicker

Apple and Logitech design keyboards in totally different idea. Apple Smart Keyboard prefer thinner and lighter, while Logitech want functional. Therefore, Logitech Create Keyboard adds many functions back, which Apple Smart Keyboard gives up.

Logitech Create Keyboard is more similar to the keyboard in MacBook with the black keys and silver board. In order to get 19mm key pitch and 1.5mm key travel and give the same hand feeling and post as MacBook keyboard, it is thicker but easy to transfer MacBook user to iPad. It offers many shortcut keys, such as screenshots, voice control, and multi-task management. The arrangement of keys is pretty the same as MacBook, except for ESC key. It also offers place to hold your hand.

keyboard designed similar to MacBook

One unsatisfied part is there is only one angel for Create Keyboard to hold iPad pro, which is friendly for desk using. But if you need to use it on your legs or knees, you won’t like the angle.

logitech create keyboard just offer one angle

Logitech Create Keyboard is the first peripheral that support Smart Connector port, which has the advantage of no battery needed. You can start typing immediately when it connected with iPad pro. In order to get more great idea from the design of MacBook keyboard, Create Keyboard have the backlighting, which is also gave up by Smart Keyboard. So, you will never worry about using it in dark.

backlight in logitech create keyboard

Logitech Create Keyboard offers 4 colors, black, black/grey, blue/silver, and red/gold. I know the last one is pretty awesome, but I will still recommend black cover, for its anti-stain. Its price, $149.95, is a little expensive. However, comparing with $169 for Apple Smart Keyboard, it is better. So, I’ll say, if you want a thick but more functional keyboard for your iPad pro in order to take place of your MacBook, Logitech Create Keyboard will be your best choice.

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