Does Samsung Galaxy Z Flip support eSIM and micro SD?

Samsung’s new foldable phones the Galaxy Z Fold will come out soon, possibly in the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on August 5. While expecting these new phones, Earphones, Galaxy Tabs etc., some of you must still be concerned about the old ones, such as the Galaxy Z Flip, which is designed to be a fullContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy Z Flip support eSIM and micro SD?”

Is PS5 backward compatible with PS4 games?

PS5 was finally revealed by Sony at the Future of Gaming stream on June 11. We now know the new controller will be black and white with round angles and fins on the top, and there will be two versions, a standard model with an Ultra-HD Blu-ray disc drive and a digital model without aContinue reading “Is PS5 backward compatible with PS4 games?”

Is it good to use Sony Xperia 1 II as a gaming phone?

Smartphones have been developing so fast that some of them are even designed solely for mobile gaming. While smartphone gaming is much fun, it can cause degradation to your phone’s battery life. The game itself can consume a lot of processing power, which will run out of the battery in a short time. And thenContinue reading “Is it good to use Sony Xperia 1 II as a gaming phone?”

Does Sony Xperia 1 II have dual SIM or micro SD card slot?

Unveiled in February 2020, Sony Xperia 1 II is the company’s latest attempt at developing a full packaged flagship that can compete with Apple, Samsung, and a variety of other Android manufacturers. It retained the gorgeous 4K display that you couldn’t find in other smartphones, with an improved battery that will last you a fullContinue reading “Does Sony Xperia 1 II have dual SIM or micro SD card slot?”

Does OnePlus 8/8 Pro have NFC?

OnePlus just issued the new high-end smartphones, OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. The two new phones are very good — the company’s best. Aside from wireless charging and IP68 water resistance rating, there are other features that make the OnePlus phones a spectacular value and something special: the 120Hz smooth screen, the surprisingly goodContinue reading “Does OnePlus 8/8 Pro have NFC?”

How do I know my Apple AirPods are charging? What if they won’t charge?

Apple’s Airpods are some of the best true wireless earbuds on the shelves, but they sometimes could go wrong. For example, you may find your Airpods in a low battery percentage even after being in a fully charged case. That can be ascribed to the immaturity of wireless technology, but there are some other reasonsContinue reading “How do I know my Apple AirPods are charging? What if they won’t charge?”

How long to fully charge the new 13-inch Macbook Pro 2020?

The brand new 13-inch Macbook Pro 2020 is finally revealed, along with a much better Magic Keyboard that’s on the Macbook Air and 16-inch Macbook Pro. For the same $1,299 starting price, you can enjoy double the storage,¬†up to 10th gen Intel processors and faster 3733MHz RAM. Other highlights include¬†faster Intel Iris Plus graphics withContinue reading “How long to fully charge the new 13-inch Macbook Pro 2020?”

Does OnePlus8/8 Pro/8 Lite support wireless charging?

Fans have been asking OnePlus for years to add wireless charging support to its handsets, a feature that is available on many other mainstream manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. This time on OnePlus 8 series, the hope will possibly become the reality. The early proof is that OnePlus was found to be an official memberContinue reading “Does OnePlus8/8 Pro/8 Lite support wireless charging?”

Is OnePlus 8/8 Pro waterproof?

It has been confirmed that OnePlus will launch the OnePlus 8 series on 14 April, and the event will be a livestream so that everyone at home can follow. From the leaks and rumors, it seems that Oneplus has not changed much from the older model, the OnePlus 7T series. But some changes are made,Continue reading “Is OnePlus 8/8 Pro waterproof?”

Does Huawei P40/P40 Pro/P40 Pro+ support fingerprint and 3D face recognition?

Huawei P40 series were just released days ago. Despite the lack of Google’s services, Huawei P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro+ crush the competitors with their superior cameras and the captivating overflow display. Now since fast charging/wireless charging and higher refresh rate(for a smoother game and content) is the trend, you may be wondering ifContinue reading “Does Huawei P40/P40 Pro/P40 Pro+ support fingerprint and 3D face recognition?”