Does Samsung Galaxy S21 have IR blaster and NFC?

Samsung just unveiled its most anticipated  flagship – the Galaxy S21 series on 14th January 2021.What do you expect on this Galaxy lineup?Speaking of the smartphone, we are all absorbed by the various advanced features,such as Infinity-O Display, the fatest charging speed, 50MP ultra vision camera  and so on. However, the old-school features has been ignored gradually.Continue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S21 have IR blaster and NFC?”

Does Samsung Galaxy S21 come with a charger ?

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 has become a surprise at the beginning of 2021.There are many changes comparing other previous Samsung Galaxy series.The most welcomed change Samsung has done for the Galaxy S21 family is no other than reverting back to the flat display.Besides,Samsung Galaxy has also great performance in hardware and software, also incorporatesContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S21 come with a charger ?”

Does Samsung Galaxy S21 have microSD card slot ?

Samsung Galaxy S21 is the first smartphone making for epic in everyday on 2021.It is regarded as more refined ,smarter, crucially cheaper new flagship phone, even though Samsung Galaxy has taken some features away.One of the features has been removed is that it has no microSD card slot.But Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Note10+, S10e, S10, S10+,Continue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S21 have microSD card slot ?”

How to Set Up Your iPhone Before Selling It

When you try to sell or trade-in your old iPhone, you should reset and wipe your iPhone to make sure that your personal date won’t be accessed by strangers. And the new owner of your old iPhone doesn’t want to see your phones in the phone as well. It only takes a few steps andContinue reading “How to Set Up Your iPhone Before Selling It”

Best Noise-canceling True Wireless Earbuds 2021

If you want to enjoy music in an immersive way in public places, a set of true-wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation will be one of perfect choices. Active noise cancellation, also known as ANC, work by producing a mirror image sound wave and sending to your ear to “cancel out” external noise. The technologyContinue reading “Best Noise-canceling True Wireless Earbuds 2021”

Pixel Phone Will Help You to Track Your Heart Rate

With more and more people starting to focus on their health condition, smartphone brands keep making effort to research on health management apps. Google has announced that they will add heart and respiratory rate monitors to the Fit app on Pixel phones this month. What’s more, both features will be added to other Android phonesContinue reading “Pixel Phone Will Help You to Track Your Heart Rate”

Best Apple Watch Accessories 2021 You Should Buy

Apple Watch is one of the most customizable consumer tech products. They provide two sizes, three versions, two case materials, a wide rang of straps and a cellular connection version optional. Therefore, you can easily get one you like. And there are plenty of accessories from third-party manufactures which let you better customize your AppleContinue reading “Best Apple Watch Accessories 2021 You Should Buy”

Do we need Mi Air Charge? Is it harmful to our body?

Xiaomi has announced its remote wireless charging system, Mi Air Charge Technology. They claim it is able to charge devices within a radius of several meters. And multiple devices can be charged at 5W simultaneously, even when there are physical obstacles. What’s more, it will charge your smartphone while you are using it and walkingContinue reading “Do we need Mi Air Charge? Is it harmful to our body?”

Best Protective Cases for AirPods Pro 2021

The charging case of AirPods Pro is beautiful and delicate. Thanks to its glossy white surface. But the smooth surface can be easily scratched and turns to be dirty. Therefore, it should wear a protective case. There are more and more protective cases for AirPods Pro on the market. We have enough choices. We listContinue reading “Best Protective Cases for AirPods Pro 2021”

How to Organize Your Device Cords and Cables

As we bring more and more electronic devices back home, we start to live with messy wires and tangles of electric cords. Whether the jumbled mess of wires are attached to headphones or stuffed behind your TV, they should all have homes to stay nice and neat. Before you begin to organize those cords, youContinue reading “How to Organize Your Device Cords and Cables”