Should I Wait For IPhone 8


As we realized that this year marks the 10th anniversary of iPhone, we could know how special this year is for both Apple and its fans. But I know you might say that you’re not a fan of iPhone or even show no interest in the release of the so-called “iPhone 8”, however, this year is still worthy of your expectations. Because Apple is believed to be introducing a tons of new features and even a brand new design language. And these upgrades are going to be revolutionary just like the iPhones have always been and you will be likely to benefit from the release of the upcoming iPhone as long as you want to have a new phone. But if someone ask me should he or her wait for iPhone 8, I have to say that it is really up to yourself and then I will give them some advice. So here I will list several specific advice on“Should I wait for iPhone 8?” for you.


Maybe You Should Wait:

  • If you want wireless charging. According to some rumors, the upcoming iPhone 8 will support wireless charging. And this means that you don’t have to find somewhere to plug your device in but you can still charge your phone.
  • If you want super-fast charging. Now it’s rumored that iPhone will have the feature of super-fast charging and you only need ten minutes to fully charge the iPhone 8. So it can really provide us much convenience especially in emergency and I’m sure it will meet your demand no matter who you are.
  • If you want higher waterproof. As the rumor suggest that iPhone 8 might have a higher waterproof rating. So if you want your phone with the highest water resistance rating, just wait for the iPhone 8.
  • If you want the best iPhone camera. There is another rumor which suggests that the iPhone 8’s camera will add a 3D sensor. And besides, the iPhone 8 might even support 3D selfies. So if you want the best iPhone camera, what you need to do is waiting for iPhone 8’s release.
  • If you still have no idea about what to buy. Sometimes it is hard for us to make choices, so if you still can’t decide which to buy, just wait and see what the brand new iPhone will bring you. And even if you don’t like it finally, perhaps you could buy other high-end phone in the market with a much cheaper price at that time.


Maybe You’d Better Not Wait:

  • If you want a small display screen. If you are fond of small display, iPhone 8 might be unattractive to you for it is likely to have a 5.8-inch display, much bigger than other iPhone models, which include a functional area near the bottom .
  • If you get bored with the rumors of iPhone 8. As iPhone rumors continue to heat up, some of you may get bored with that. Then you’d better not wait for the iPhone 8.
  • If you don’t want to have a new phone .


Should I wait for iPhone 8? That’s really something up to your mind. But I hope the above-mentioned advice can give you some help. Finally if you want to know more about whether it is worthy to wait for iPhone 8, here is a video related to it.

Should you wait for the iPhone 8? | The Tech Chap


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