How to Take Photo in Spring Break


When speaking of Spring Break the first thing comes to your mind may be the delightful memories. With your mouth smile appearing into face naturally, all of your blueness will be far away. And for your better memorizing of these happy days, it is good to take some memorable photos. Here I will show you something about how to take photos in Spring Break.

Take two phones or cameras


Spring Break is a long journey. It can be very troublesome if the battery is overused—you can neither take photos nor connect with people. So you’d better take two phones or cameras for backup. And if you are a photographing lover and likely to take amounts of pictures, it is also considerate for you to bring some memory cards.

Lighting is vital


Different lighting can take us from scary to beautiful and can be regarded as the most important factor every photographer should consider.If you take photos under intense light, there will be unpleasant shadows in people’s face. When in bright sunny day it is appropriate for you to find places with some open shades, like the place under the tree or besides a building. However, when in cloudy day, you needn’t worry about it.

Sunrise and sunset provides a perfect lighting


You may have seen numerous pictures in which a bright golden sun is hanging behind people. The sunshine makes people in the picture full of vigor and warmth. Actually it is easy to achieve that kind of effect. You just need to go a spacious place during the sunrise and sunset time and freely stretch your body at your willingness.

Golden Section


We know that Golden Section implies a good structure towards many beautiful things. You can also use it in your photographing by avoiding your subject locating in the middle of the picture.

Try different angle when shooting


Shooting angle is important especially when your subjects a kid. Your fixed standing pose will unfortunately result in a short or even fat appearance of your subject.So, if you are likely to change the usual standing pose when shooting, your work will make a difference.

Use the correct sensitivity with white balance


We know that different ISO values correspond to different rays. Generally speaking, you can follow these rules.
ISO 100: sunny, bright weather
ISO 200: cloudy, cold weather
ISO 400: indoor, night

Camera apps for you


However, for the consideration of convenience and comfort, you may unwilling to heighten any burden when you are in Spring Break. Then just lay down your bulky cameras. You can use some high performance apps to take fantastic photos instead. For example,ProCam 3,Hipstamatic Camera, Camera+, NightCap and SlowShutter.


Never forget one basic thing when taking photos during your Spring Break. It is about your enjoyment and relaxation. Do not indulge in taking photos thoroughly but try your best to release and enjoy yourself during the journey. By the way, wish you a nice journey!


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