Best Android Wear Watch 2017


In order to grasp consumers’ hearts and take some position in the market, Android spares no efforts to follow people’s steps in pursuit of fashion. Based on people’s requirement for beauty and fitness, Android Wear has evolved a lot since it was first announced back in 2014.nowadays, you are not exposed to a few options which mainly from Motorola and LG. instead, with the number of watches available increasingly dramatically, you’re confused about your options and it’s hard for you to keep track of which watches stand out as the best.
Here, I have picked up some best Android wear watches from types of best god-looking to best performance, which are agreed by many people.


Huawei Watch
Watches today are much more like a cellphone from which you can listen to music, take calls, and even keep fit. If you’re still in the market for an Android Wear device, there are several reasons why you can choose Huawei Watch.
The Huawei Watch is available in many different options for whatever your outfit may be that day. It is unapologetically designed for those who are fashion-first. It’s a premium looking and feeling device, so when you wear I, Huawei intends on you feeling like a million bucks.
What’s more, Huawei worked closely with Google to ensure that they were creating a smartwatch that would not become outdated within a year or two. The specs inside of the Huawei Watch should also keep up just fine for the future of Android Wear. At this time, the device’s Snapdragon 400 processor and 512 MB of RAM should maintain a well performing smartwatch with no problem.


Also included on the device is a heart rate monitor, which means using it for workouts is something you could desire. Furthermore, Huawei’s battery should last two days, give you turn off the always on display features.
Last but not least, featuring a completely circular AMOLED display( with no flat tire), Huawei’s resolution is 400×400,allowing digital hands to look crisp, as well as providing users with more intricate watch faces. The more pixels you have, the less blocky and pixelated things will appear on the display.
I recommend the Huawei Watch if the price tag for a few of the models does not scare you.

motorola_moto_360(2nd Gen)

Motorola Moto 360(2nd Gen)
Motorola tries to inject much of their smartphone buying experience into the second generation Moto360, introducing the customization capabilities available with Moto Market for their latest smartwatch. It means that you could choose different sizes, the design on the bezel, the color of the metallic case, and various watchstraps according to your own preference.
As far as the display itself is concerned, the IPSLCD screen features a 360×330 resolution, and is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 panel. The 46mm iteration comes with a 1.56-inch display, while the smaller version features a 1.37-inch screen.


If you have expectations on your watch for fitness, Moto 360(2nd Gen) is a good choice. Google Fit and Moto Body do try and provide some insight on your step count and lost calories. And in hardware, heart rate monitor is supported. In this case, it works well enough for the user that is curious about their current heart rate. However, in comparison to Huawei Watch, the Moto360(2nd Gen) is about a full day of use with charging times of around an hour and a half to get to 100 percent.
All in all, Wear Watches are similar to each other. Thus, you can get more control over the device for its customization system must be the reason why you choose it.


Sony Smartwatch 3
The Smartwatch3 has solid performance and two nifty features you won’t find on any other Android Wear. It’s the first with built-in GPS and a screen you can read without back lighting. Sony abandoned its own smartwatch OS and opted to use Android Wear. Android Wear runs fast and smoothly on the watch, which is powered by a 1.2GHZ quad-core ARM Cortex A7 and 512MB of RAM. The utilitarian construction does give the Sony another benefit. It’s waterproof down to five feet for half an hour, which is more than its Android Wear brethren.

The above three wear watches are all I picked for you. Of course, there are a lot of other alternatives in the watch market. Before you buy any types of watches, see its review is a best way to buy a right one.



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