Difference between Huawei watch and Huawei watch 2


Characterized by convenience, portable and multifunction, smart watch embraces its brilliant era among the trendy. Huawei Company never stopped trying after involving this area and recently released its second version, Huawei watch 2. Unlike the previous Huawei watch, the new device is not designed to be stylish, but more practical for users. How can we tell the difference between Huawei watch and Huawei watch 2?
This time Huawei Company launched two version, the Huawei Watch 2 and the Huawei Watch 2 Classic. In the comparison below, in circumstances where they share specifications, only the base model Watch 2 is shown.


The original watch had three metal finishes. This year’s new watch offers more options, but not all.
The color of watch 2 depends on whether you’re focusing on Bluetooth or Bluetooth + LTE. Black is available in both versions while orange is only available for LTE and gray is unique to Bluetooth edition. At the same time, the Classic only comes in one dark metallic gray tone.


As a whole, the second edition is definitely the bulkier of the two. It has a larger, more pronounced bezel and a bigger, thicker case. It will stand 10 percent higher off the wrist.


Watch face
The first-generation watch was more jewelry-like in its delivery and materials. It had a stainless steel case and a sapphire display covering.
The second-generation watches are certainly more athletic-looking, especially the plastic (with ceramic) Watch 2. The Watch 2 Classic is more evocative of a traditional analog sport watch with its steel-and-plastic casing. Both displays were downgraded from nature’s third-hardest mineral to still-capable Gorilla Glass 3.


It is annoying to charge your watch everyday, but this watch has longer battery life, so you don’t have to worry about limited power. Look the battery information about the previous Huawei Watch, which only has 300 mAh, and look the battery of the new Huawei watch – 420 mAh, therefore, the latter one can work longer.


Additional button
Another huge difference between Huawei watch and Huawei watch 2 is that the new product has canceled the gestures, and adds an additional button, therefore, when users are waving their hands while they are doing sports, and some random message won’t appear accidently unless the user clicked the button.


This year, Huawei rejected the stainless steel band option. The classic comes with a mix of leather straps and rubber, while watch 2 equips a rubber-like plastic “sport” belt.
On the other hand, all Huawei watches have removable, swappable bands; you can look for alternatives from third-party vendors if you don’t like the option of bundling.


From the differences between Huawei watch and Huawei watch 2, the company has achieved many breakthroughs and innovation on this product, and if you are smartwatch lovers, Huawei watch is definitely a super option you shouldn’t miss.


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