How to replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery

Recently battery issue becomes the hot topic in the smartphones industry, Apple was blamed for slowing down the operating system with aged battery to force people upgrade their iPhones, while no exception for Samsung, Galaxy Note 8 fell into the battery crisis due to the unexpected not-working after the battery is drained down to 0%. What’sContinue reading “How to replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery”

Best Phone Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

We’re quickly creeping up to August 23, the scheduled date of the Galaxy Note 8’s unveiling. Finding a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case is easy – there are plenty for sale online. But finding the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases is a completely different matter. The good news for you is that there areContinue reading “Best Phone Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8”

Note 8 Vs Pixel Xl 2

Note 8 and Pixel Xl 2 will be released in the latter half of 2017. Note 8 will be release in 23,August,2017. And Google Pixel 2 is said to be unveiled in October. Both of them are the shining star in the mobile niche and worth waiting. So, what’s the difference between them? Note 8Continue reading “Note 8 Vs Pixel Xl 2”

Note 8 Vs Galaxy S8 Plus

Note 8 and S8 plus are the latest products of Samsung mobile. Galaxy S8 plus released in 29, March, 2017 and Note 8 is announcing to launch in 23, August, 2017. They belong to two lineups-Galaxy note and Galaxy S. So, you must be curious about the differences and similarities between Note 8 and GalaxyContinue reading “Note 8 Vs Galaxy S8 Plus”

Samsung Note 8 VS Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung Note 8 is about to come out in a few days, it is believed that Samsung fans are too impatient to have a look at this new device. And, since Samsung has achieved great success in its Galaxy series, how can we make a reasonable choice between them? This article is going to makeContinue reading “Samsung Note 8 VS Galaxy S7 edge”