Samsung Note 8 VS Galaxy S7 edge


Samsung Note 8 is about to come out in a few days, it is believed that Samsung fans are too impatient to have a look at this new device. And, since Samsung has achieved great success in its Galaxy series, how can we make a reasonable choice between them? This article is going to make a comparison: Samsung Note 8 V.S. Galaxy S7 edge. Let’s see the difference!



The “plastic-fantastic” design may be the most taunted part of its high-end Galaxy smart phones, The Galaxy Note 8.0 is no exception thanks to its white plastic rear, and it doesn’t feel fancy at all. There is no access to the battery since its back is not removable. The cheerily curvy profile the plastic design allows, and at 338g and 8mm thick the Galaxy Note 8.0 is the kind of tablet you can hold comfortably in one hand.

The Galaxy S7 Edge is absolutely gorgeous. Take a look at S7 Edge’s surface; it looks just like its predecessor. A metal rim is sandwiched between two slabs of Gorilla Glass 4, with a lock switch on one side and separated volume keys on the other. And for the back, there is a now flush camera sensor, heart rate monitor and a Samsung logo. 



The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has a PLS display (8-inch screen).If this was a cheaper tablet, the Galaxy Note 8’s display would seem pretty good. Both of color and top brightness are all commendable, with rich images that have none of that washed-out quality that afflicts lower-quality screens. However, it has a 1,280 x 800 pixel display, the same with the smaller, much cheaper Google Nexus 7.

As for S7 Edge, first is the sheer amount of detail here. Everything from images to films to games looks beautiful, with pixels completely invisible to the naked eye. The 534ppi (pixels per inch) density beats the Note 8.


Battery life

With a non-removable rear plate, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has a 4,600mAh battery. Stamina is solid for a tablet this thin and light. Set the SD-quality video at 50 per cent brightness with other function like Wi-Fi and GPS turned off, the Note 8’s battery lasted for just over eight hours. Its battery held onto charge pretty good while left unplugged during a whole night. It would be prone to lose a per cent or two, which you can use blocking mode and turn off notifications before go to bed.

The Galaxy S7 Edge packs a 3,600mAh battery, which is smaller than Note8’s. There’s still no removable battery, but the S7 Edge does benefit from adaptive fast charging. You can get up to four hours of use from a 10-minute juice up and it’ll be fully recharging in about 90 minutes. You’ll have to use the bundled cable and power block though, not just any charger you have about the house.


Anyway, it seems that both of two devices are excellent, however we have to wait for the release of the Samsung Note8 to find out the truth that which one is the winner. Samsung Note8 on the way is worth expecting.


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