Note 8 Vs Galaxy S8 Plus

Note 8 and S8 plus are the latest products of Samsung mobile. Galaxy S8 plus released in 29, March, 2017 and Note 8 is announcing to launch in 23, August, 2017. They belong to two lineups-Galaxy note and Galaxy S. So, you must be curious about the differences and similarities between Note 8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.


What are the differences?


Since Galaxy note 8 isn’t release, the following comparison was based on lineage of the Galaxy Note series and a plenty of rumors. (Note 8 introduction based on leaks)


It is believed that Note 8 will have a dual camera. Due to it is a prevailing direction of smartphone industry. Note 8 can’t be an exception. What can a dual camera do? Here are several functions of it.

  • Provide wide-angle picture
  • Help in better focus and zoom view.
  • Offer more realistic and detail picture
  • Have fast shutter speed, very fast capturing moments with less blur

However, Samsung Galaxy S8 plus is just the traditional version.



It is said that Galaxy Note 8 will be equipped with 6 GB RAM. More RAM means better multi-tasking rather than speed one single application. And Galaxy S8 plus was packed 4 GB of RAM.

3.S Pen

This is the mainly difference between them. Note 8 outfits S pen and Galaxy S8 plus didn’t. An S pen can provide an experience of true-to-life writing and drawing. If you want to know more, you can read the article about it. (S Pen)



Note 7 was famous for its battery failure. As to the coming Note 8, designers pay more attention to emphasize its safe. The Note 8 will use a battery test to avoid battery fire. Capacity of Note 8 is said to smaller than Galaxy S8 plus.


Note 8 will be the most expensive phone that Samsung made. It will launch at $900-$1000. Now, Galaxy S8 plus was sold at $729.

What are the similarities?

The similarity lies here. Both of them belong to the same company and unveiled in the same year. It is just a joking. To be serious, Note 8 and Galaxy S8 plus are created base on the concept of quantity, safety and craftsmanship. They share similarity in the hardware and software. For example, both of them will adopt the “infinity display” and waterproof design. In GADGETS, you can find information about their comparison. (Note 8 VS Galaxy S8 plus)


Nevertheless, we need to take all of this information with a salt for that Galaxy Note 8 is not release. All of these are remind to see at the release date. At that time, the outcome of Note 8 VS Galaxy S8 Plus will be more apparent.












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