Who’s the Best: EasyAcc power bank 6000mAh

EasyAcc 6000mAh ultra slim power bank

We know that when it comes to portable power bank, someone who wants a pocketable power bank for topping off a phone only on occasion has different needs than a business traveler who wants to keep a tablet and two phones charged for back-to-back international flights. For each scenario, we set out to find the best balance of capacity, charging speed, size, and features. A hulking, heavy, cheap pack, for instance, isn’t as good as a moderately priced one you’ll actually use. We also looked for models that can cut down the clutter in your bag or pockets through the inclusion of convenience features such as multiple ports and integrated cables. — Wirecutter: Best Portable Power Bank 


Category Purpose Physical Characteristics
Pocket Top off a phone at the end of a day Less than 3 ounces, credit card or lipstick design
Every day Fully charge a smartphone one or two times Less than 6 ounces, the size of a deck of cards or bar of soap
For your bag Charge multiple devices, including a tablet Less than 1 pound, similar in size to a portable hard drive
For your luggage Charge a smartphone over multiple days or fully charge multiple tablets More than 1 pound, similar in size to a softcover Game of Thronesvolume


If you need something with more juice that can completely refill a phone after a busy day, pick up the EasyAcc Portable Power Bank 6000mAh. You can get a lot more power far more than how much you’ve paid for. While making a little more room in your pocket or bag for a slightly bigger pack, this power bank unit can be the size and heft of a smartphone or a bar of soap.


In Wirecutter’s tests, the EasyAcc Power Bank 6000mAh had the most available power, and it was the only tested unit in this category with both of the features Wirecutter likes to see in unites of this size, namely an integrated Micro USB cable and a high-speed port (at least 2 amps). The integrated cable means one fewer thing to carry and lose, and it takes up less space than a separate cable, especially as the shape incorporates a way to tuck the tail out of sight. And the high-speed port on this model means that it can top up even a full-size tablet in a reasonable amount of time.

Model Stated nominal capacity (mAh) Average available capacity (mAh)
EasyAcc Portable Power Bank 6000mAh                                 6000                                      5500
Limefuel Blast L60X                               6000                                      5333
Anker 2G Astro 6700                               6700                                      5273
Zendure A2 2G 6700                               6700                                      5211
AmazonBasics Portable Power Bank                               3000                                     2444


If you charge it side by side with your phone for an hour while waiting for your flight at the airport, for instance, you could net yourself as much as another 75 percent of charge when your phone dies while you’re at 35,000 feet. Measuring at 5,500mAh, the EasyAcc had enough power available to charge most smartphones two or more times.
That was the highest result among the packs Wirecutter has tested, but all top models in this group had outputs around 5,400mAh. In the end, the competition of the best portable power bank for everyday use, wirecutter made their pick based on the EasyAcc’s superior features and charging speed. 
Portable Power Bank


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