Top Questions about Power Bank–Part 2

Nowadays, the 3C products “battery short board” becomes the common troubled big problem for people. External battery such as external battery 10000mah is indeed for people when they go out. Here are some questions about power bank:




How to maintain the battery?

 Please charge its power to over 30% of capacity if you’re not going to use it for a long time. We suggest you keep it at -10-40 ℃ in a dry environment so as to maintain the battery best performance. Please don’t use up all power. It will present precharging status in the next selfcharging if you use up all power, and the charging time would require 2 or 3 hours more. So in this case, the selfcharging time slows down, and even the service life of battery may be shortened. More About: How To Maintain Power Banks ?


What kind of features and do you know its development prospects?

The mobile power that white is a power supply can be moved, is a portable charger, set the power supply and charging functions in one, he has the mobility, high capacity, versatility and portability, you can keep a lot of digital products power strong backing to bring the convenience of everyone live entertainment. Therefore, in the coming years, mobile power supply will have a broader market.


Mobile power on the market today to talk about some of the views brands

The current mobile power brand cohabitation, most brands are OEM OEM, and not have their own design team, no professional manufacturing team. It is difficult to ensure product quality. In particular, some enterprises in the selection of areas shoddy batteries, and even second-hand, is likely to cause damage on digital products and personal security threats, it is irresponsible not only for products but also for consumers and socially irresponsible approach. Here, you call on the relevant state departments as soon as possible the development of relevant standards and principles to regulate access to the market, prompting the mobile power markets in a healthy and orderly development. 



What is Power Bank?

Several Types of Power Bank

A Brief History of Power Bank

Read This Before You Buy A Power Bank

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