Top Questions about Power Bank–Part 1

With modern increasing needs of information and entertainment for electronic products, there are more and more electric products around us, and at the same time, the increasing demand for electricity with the popularity of smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile Internet terminal products, all these deepen people’s power needs. Here are some questions about power bank:




Can I charge other mobile devices with your power bank besides smartphones?
Of  course Yes, we do have some power banks engineered with internationally patented eUSB Technology that enables to charge most smartphones, laptops or other mobile devices. However, the detailed functions depend on different product models, and please visit our website and refer to detailed product instruction.

Can power bank charge itself and recharge other mobile devices at the same time?
Yes, most of our power banks can be charged and charge other mobile devices at the same time. It varies with different product models and depends on how many outputs the power bank has.

How many smartphones or mobile devices can be charged at the same time?
This only depends on different product models and how many outputs the power bank has.

How can I know the power bank is fully charged?
Most power banks have a built-in four LED lights indicator. The orange LED light sparks once the power is connected and all four LED lights stay on when the battery is fully charged.

How long should be the power bank charged for the first time?
There is no need to spend extra time in charging or charge it after discharging off all electricity for the first time.

How can I check the remaining power of power bank?
Most power banks have a built-in four LED lights indicator. After recharging mobile devices, please check how many LED lights illuminate to know the remaining power.

Why not attach a power adapter in the package of the power bank?
Most of customers’ mobile phones or mobile devices provide a power adapter which can match our power bank. Thus, we try our best to offer you a cost-effective charging solution.

How to charge for a mobile device?
Use a micro USB cable provided by ROMOSS to charge. Connect one end of USB cable to the USB port of your laptop or to the power adapter of your mobile phone. Next, plug the other end to your power bank, and press the on-off key. The LED light of power bank will spark, which means it is being charged.

What components are attached to an power bank?
It depends on the product model. Every power bank at least comes along with an instruction guiding you how to use it and a micro USB cable which helps connect your mobile device to a power bank. We suggest you refer to product instruction before buying it.



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One thought on “Top Questions about Power Bank–Part 1

  1. My tablet can power devices over USB. It can also be charged over USB. When using a power bank does charging stop when the charge on each side is equal, meaning I need a Power Bank charged to twice the capacity of the tablet in order to fully charge the tablet? If not, how does the power bank or tablet know what it is doing?


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