Does Motorola RAZR support Bluetooth 5.0?

What’ s your the most impressioned flip phone? Now, the Motorola Razr, which was a household name in the mid-00s at the height of the popularity of flip-phones, is back. Speaking of the foldable phone, the Samsung also unveiled the super foldable phone Galaxy Fold for $1980. While the  war of foldable phone is coming soon!Continue reading “Does Motorola RAZR support Bluetooth 5.0?”

Can Apple HomePod be used as a Bluetooth Speaker

We heard a lot of praise for Apple HomePod‘s premium sound quality. It’s attractive enough. However, if you don’t have iPhone, iPad or Mac, can you buy it and use as a regular Bluetooth speaker? The answer is NO.  Even though it has Bluetooth 5.0, it can’t receive an aux input through Bluetooth. Bluetooth 5.0Continue reading “Can Apple HomePod be used as a Bluetooth Speaker”

Bluetooth 5.0— What Is Bluetooth 5.0 and How Can I Use It

Bluetooth has been playing an important role in exchanging data over short distances and is continuously being upgraded. Thanks to the advancement of technology, Bluetooth 5.0 is available now! Wonder what Bluetooth 5.0 is and how can you use it? Find the answers in this article. What Is Bluetooth 5.0What Bluetooth 5.0 brings to usContinue reading “Bluetooth 5.0— What Is Bluetooth 5.0 and How Can I Use It”