Best Top 5 iPad Pro Cases

Best Top 5 iPad Pro Cases

As stated full comparison of iPad pro 12.9 & 9.7, these 2 tablets are prone to slide out of your hand onto the floor if you are not careful due to the fine aluminum body. You may probably need to buy a case or some sort of protective skin. So here in this passage, we lists the top 5 best iPad pro cases to protect your devices from falling damage. Best iPad pro 9.7 case, best iPad pro 12.9 case. We also get best Apple pencil holder and best ipad pro leather case with apple pencil holder. 

Griffin Survivor Slim
Griffin has been worked hardly to provide hardy protective ipad pro 12.9 cases for expensive electronics for years, and its Survivor range cases make your iPad Pro basically indestructible. Best case iPad pro. This Griffin Survivor Slim case covers the whole back of the iPad and protects the edges from drops and bumps. It also has a handy Apple Pencil holder and compatibility with Apple’s Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard. This case is also available for the 9.7 inch iPad pro. It’s made of two parts including an inner crash shell that stops harsh drops breaking your precious gadget. A great choice if you use your iPad Pro outside a lot or if you really don’t trust your children. Best Top 5 iPad Pro Cases: griffin Pipetto Origami Case- 12.9, 9.7
This Pipetto iPad Pro case offers something different from the staid range of plastic, leather and silicone offerings. iPad pro leather case. This pipetto ipad pro case forms a case around the iPad Pro, like the Silicone Case but the flap folds into an array of different stands. Like the Smart Cover it is used to turn the iPad Pro on and off (when you fold and unfold) but it’s available in a range of different colors. Given that the iPad Pro will often be bought by designers, we’re surprised that more people aren’t making more stylish and colorful cases. The case is also available for both 12.9 and 9.7 iPad pro

Best Top 5 iPad Pro Cases: pipetto

EasyAcc Felt Sleeve
With the dimension of 340 x 245 x 15mm, this EasyAcc felt sleeve is compatible with 12.9 inch iPad pro and give your device a full protection. Environmentally friendly material applied in producing this sleeve. The highlight of the sleeve design lies in the streamline cutting and the two useful pockets to put your cards or notes. In addition, built in magnet flap design makes the appearance simple and elegant. Closing the sleeve with this built in magnet flap to make it easy to take out and put in your device. Unfortunately EasyAcc currently do not has an ipad pro 9.7 case with keyboard and pencil holder, but this felt ipad pro case can do serve as a best ipad pro 12.9 case with pencil holder. 

Best Top 5 iPad Pro Cases: easyacc


A low cost option on the list that will give you back cover protection and still let you show off your iPad. Luvvit’s Clear Grip is a soft transparent TPU rubber cover for the back of your iPad but with a raised bezel on the front corners for a bit of protection for the display too. It is available to order now on amazon. Best cover for ipad pro 9.7. 

Best Top 5 iPad Pro Cases: luvvitt

This case from STM is great, mixing durability with as slim design as possible. Best ipad pro 12.9 cases. The clear back shows off your flash gadget in all its glory while allowing access to all the ports, buttons and speakers. Be wary though that this case doesn’t protect the screen.It also allows access to the Smart Connector for full compatibility with Apple’s Smart Cover and Smart Keyboard, and has a clip for that pesky Apple Pencil. iPad pro 12.9 case with pencil holder. This should be available soon for the 9.7in version too, so check back soon.

Best Top 5 iPad Pro Cases: stm


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