Top 5 Apple Pencil Case for your iPad Pro 9.7 & 12.9

Apple Pencil Case for your iPad Pro

Apple Pencil case and holder are just popular as the Apple Pencil, the new toy of apple big family is at once completely sophisticated and totally easy to use but far more just a drawing utensil. There are also certain tasks that just aren’t possible with Apple’s new accessory. But the most important problem is not how to use it, but just how to keep it without losing it, because the little tiny gadget is too small and smooth to lose. Smart solution with Apple Pencil Case or Apple Pencil Holder will be popular anyway.

“I decided to get an Apple Pencil along with an iPad Pro after trying them out. The pencil works perfectly, but I feel the glossy plastic case is a little slippery. Maybe a silicone skin will improve the grip. Also, I feel the tip is prone to damage without a cap, how do you guys keep the Pencil around?” Maybe you have the same question just like this user at Reddit, when using Apple Pencil.

But this interesting answer isn’t the best answer:”Easy. Currently Apple is storing it for me at the factory. I ordered day one and it hasn’t shipped yet. No chance of losing it or damaging it this way!”

Let’s find best Apple Pencil Case or best Apple Pencil Holder for you.

Apple Pencil Case for your iPad Pro

  1. Fragment Apple Pencil Wood Case

Price: 27$

Protect your investment with this hand made wood case for your valuable Apple Pencil. This Apple pencil case from Fragment features magnetic closure with a positive “click” while closing. The rubber bumper inside can offer you a good protection for the pencil point.

Apple Pencil Case for your iPad Pro

Review summary: Handmade and wood stuff is always attractive for artist and business people, if you want a full protection for your new toy, this one can be the best choice.


  1. Atelier iPad Pencil Case by WaterField Designs

Price: 29$

Slip your Apple Pencil into the supple full-grain premium leather case and pamper it with this soft Ultrasuede® liner and premium leather exterior. The straight-forward design fits easily into pockets or bags. A clip in the back lets you secure it to a belt, strap or iPad case.

Apple Pencil Case for your iPad Pro

Review summary: If you want to carry your apple pencil for daily use, just want a simple protection for this new toy, this leather case can be a good choice.



  1. Apple Pencil Case Cover Sleeve Bag Rough Pouch Holder Light weight

Price: 11.99$

This Apple pencil case is made of felt and washable, also this case is much cheaper than the others.

Apple Pencil Case for your iPad Pro

Review summary: If you like the colorful and washable case for your Apple pencil, how about try this one?


  1. Apple Pencil Leather Case

This case is based on a Japanese design. The unusually thick leather gives it enough strength and protection in the laptop bag and it makes sure that the cap doesn’t get lost either.

Apple Pencil Case for your iPad Pro

Review summary: This case designer also put the cap in the consideration, a goof solution for careless people.


  1. TETDED Removable Pencil Band for Apple iPad Pro 9.7″

Price: 18 $


Apple Pencil Case for your iPad Pro


  • Genuine Cowhide Leather Case designed for Apple Pencil
  • Handcrafted Pencil case finely stitched onto high quality Elastic band
  • Elastic band allows the Pencil Case to fit device with size same or similar to iPad Pro 9.7″
  • Easy to apply and detach 
  • Compatible with Apple iPad Pro 9.7″

Review summary: This case with elastic band also is a smart solution for the iPad Pro user. Using this case and making it impossible to lose your iPad Pencil.

Other ways to protect your apple pencil from missing or damage: Apple Pencil Holder 9.7

Enhance Apple Pencil with a standard pen clip for carrying and stabilizing.

Apple Pencil Case for your iPad Pro

  1. Would you like to buy a new case for your Apple Pencil, or just have some other smart solution?
  2. Just get a pencil like the Pentel Sharp Automatic Pencil, 0.5mm.
  3. Something to attach it to — it clips along pretty nicely to the fold of the Smart Keyboard and feels more secure than a magnet solution might.

With this solution, your Apple Pencil will be more convenient to use and difficult to lose.


Apple Pencil Case for your iPad Pro

More tips for our apple fans: How to Check Your Apple Pencil Battery Charge


Top 5 Apple Pencil Case for your iPad Pro 9.7 & 12.9》有7个想法

  1. I like the design of Fragment apple pencil case is because it is made of out of hand made it is for good protection for apple pencil


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