Best iPad Pro Keyboard – Apple, Logitech, Brydge and More

Choosing a smart keyboard to pair with your iPad pro has always been a hard decision to make. There are lots of ipad pro keyboards on the market including Apple smart keyboard, Logitech create, ZAGG slime book and Brydge ipad pro keyboard. Which one is the best ipad pro keyboard? Below is a detailed introduction and comparison of these 4 smart keyboards to help you find the best ipad pro keyboard.

Best iPad Pro Keyboard – Apple, Logitech, Brydge and More

Apple smart keyboard for iPad pro

Best iPad Pro Keyboard – Apple, Logitech, Brydge and More: Apple samrt keyboard   

Apple’s smart keyboard focuses on portability first and foremost. It is very thin and light and portable, but doesn’t have a case to protect the back of the iPad Pro, and offers only one viewing angle.

The keys of this iPad pro Smart Keyboard, which adapt the new keyboard technology that came on the new Apple Magic Keyboard and the new MacBook, give enough feel to touch and type quickly. It takes some time getting used to, but after an hour of typing you will definitely use it well.

It is very comfortable typing on the Apple smart iPad pro keyboard. The added width of the iPad Pro means typing on the iPad Pro keyboard feels better than typing on keyboard cases for the iPad Air or mini which was too narrow, especially for people with large hands. iPad pro smart connector keyboard. 

Besides, this Apple smart ipad pro keyboard features not only a keyboard, but also a smart cover for the iPad pro. Outside, it looks like Apple’s Smart Cover, but has an extra hump to accommodate the keyboard hidden within. As a Smart Cover, the Keyboard has a felt interior that cleverly cleans smudges and fingerprints off your iPad display when not in use. Closing it also automatically locks the iPad Pro screen.

This Apple smart keyboard is available for both ipad pro 12.9 and 9.7

Logitech Create 9.7 iPad pro

Best iPad Pro Keyboard – Apple, Logitech, Brydge and More: logitech create

Design wise, the Logitech Create keyboard is available in three colors – black, navy, and red – to match the Space Gray, Silver, and Gold iPads. However it is only compatible with iPad pro 12.7. So if you have an iPad pro 9.7, you cannot use a Logitech create keyboard, which is regarded as the best iPad pro 9.7 keyboard by lots of users.  Logitech iPad pro 9.7, best ipad pro 9.7 keyboards.

Compared to Apple’s Smart Cover, which is thin and light, the Logitech iPad pro keyboard is undeniably bulky for the 1.5 pounds weight. However, the Logitech Create has full-spaced keys that feel fantastic under the fingers due to their high travel, especially in comparison to the Smart Keyboard. Along with better keys, you’re also getting more protection with the Logitech Create. The Logitech Create offers full front and back protection while the Smart Keyboard is only going to protect the screen.  Best ipad pro case. 

The Logitech Create is the only third-party keyboard that’s currently able to take advantage of the Smart Connector on the iPad Pro. Apple smart keyboard vs Logitech Create. By connecting to the iPad Pro through the Smart Connector, the keyboard draws its power from the iPad. Therefore it never needs to be charged. Below you can see a comparison — ipad pro keybord Apple vs Logitech. iPad pro smart connector keyboard.

Brydge keyboard iPad pro

Best iPad Pro Keyboard – Apple, Logitech, Brydge and More: brydgepro 1

Brydge is known as a professional brand producing keyboards for ipads. After success of Brydge keyboard for ipad mini and ipad air, the company launches its new product – Brydge keyboard ipad pro, also named Brydgepro. Brydge 12.9 and Brydge 9.7 included. 

The Brydgepro keyboard is thin and portable, but protect your tablets as well. Precisely engineered out of premium aluminum, this Brydge keyboard delivers a seamless experience from ipad to keyboard.

No other keyboard including the above mentioned best ipad pro keyboards gives you the quality and versatility of the Brydge 12.9 and Brydge 9.7. With the patented hinge, the Brydge 12.9 delivers the perfect blend between iPad and MacBook. You can decide which angle you want and adjust the screen when you are typing, watching video or playing games.

There is no cables or wires, connecting is as simple as pairing a new Bluetooth device. Brydge is designed for everyone. Whether you are studying a class, watching a video, or working in your office. With bridge, you can go, do more.

The Brydge is also thought to be one of the coolest gadget for ipad (Brydgepro review):

ZAGG slim book

Best iPad Pro Keyboard – Apple, Logitech, Brydge and More: zagg slim book for ipad pro 1

This ZAGG Slim Book design is much like that for the iPad Air 2. It has a plastic lid that forms a case for the iPad Pro, and a keyboard dock. The iPad Pro can be detached from the magnetic hinge of the keyboard and used alone. Best keyboard for iPad. 

Compared to Logitech create ipad pro 9.7, the keyboard dock on the Slim Book is wonderful. It has a layout and size like those on MacBooks, and the typing experience is first-rate. The keyboard is backlit, with three levels of brightness. The backlighting can be rotated through different colors for those who prefer it. The keys are slightly sunken from the surface of the dock and the large palm rest is a welcome touch. 

The iPad Pro sits at the very back of the dock, and the same with the Brydge keyboard for ipad pro, the solid hinge on ZAGG slim book holds your pro in a range of angles for maximum viewing comfort. The magnets in the hinge hold the heavy iPad pro securely yet it’s still easy to lift the tablet out to leave the keyboard behind. Opening the lid raises the keyboard slightly for a better typing angle.

The ZAGG slim book is available for both ipad pro 12.9 and 9.7.

Above are the 4 best ipad pro keyboards which all have their own features and highlights. The Apple smart keyboard was the slimmest and lightest; Logitech keyboard ipad pro is the only keyboard which also adapts smart connector; Brydge enjoys high reputation in ipad keyboard industy and ZAGG slim book for ipad pro provides both versatility and stability to your devices. If you have any better choices, let me know in comment. Thanks!



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