Is it worth upgrading to iOS 13?

Just like what Apple will do as a routine every year, the new iPhone operating system, iOS 13 was released on September 19th, just a week after iPhone 11 series were launched and days before iOS 13.1 will be introduced. Although teased by the public for a long time, iOS 13 has been tried byContinue reading “Is it worth upgrading to iOS 13?”

Does iOS 13 drain your iPhone battery faster

Since iOS 13 Beta version has been published for a couple of days, some iPhone users had found that the Beta version caused a number of problems so far, surprisingly, most problems released are not related to the battery life, you may still remember the battery issues almost every user complained about when iOS 11Continue reading “Does iOS 13 drain your iPhone battery faster”

Do you regret upgrading your iPhone system to ios 13

With the overwhelming news that Apple issuing its ios 13 beta version, many users are eager to have a trying of this newest version to see how many surprises it can bring. For example, when the sun set, your phone will be shifted into dark mode and all the apps on your phone will beContinue reading “Do you regret upgrading your iPhone system to ios 13”

Which iPhone and iPad support iOS 13

Apple announced iOS 13¬†at its World Wide Developer Conference with a heck of a lot new features, including: 30% faster Face ID unlock 50% smaller app download sizes 60% smaller app update sizes 2x faster app launches Apple had released the Beta version and it’s available to download and update now. Earlier this month, aContinue reading “Which iPhone and iPad support iOS 13”