Do you regret upgrading your iPhone system to ios 13

With the overwhelming news that Apple issuing its ios 13 beta version, many users are eager to have a trying of this newest version to see how many surprises it can bring. For example, when the sun set, your phone will be shifted into dark mode and all the apps on your phone will be on a darkish background. In a dark mode, on the one hand, it is much easier to the eye on a daily basis. On the other hand, it is also a battery saving mode. However, the user experience doesn’t seem to be as always positive as Apple has fancied. However, With this beta version, your cellphone may be messed up from the minor inconvenience to the loss of data on your cellphone. Three major ios 13 bugs are found as listed below.

Some of notes crash frequently and users can not be able to see the content in folders in iCloud Shared Folders and in the dark mode, the interface of some apps seems to be illegible to recognize to do the next operation. 

When you click and enter some apps, the interface may crash after a few seconds and the apps skip out by themselves.  Restart of the app may sink down to the same results. But it is not the new system to blame. The reason may lie in that the Apps needs to be optimized before they can be well adapted in the new running system.

What’s more, the running of this new system actually is on the basis of a more power consumption. You can even feel your phone is dispersing much more heat than usual. You might be on a more frequent running to a charger. There is also a bug in the displaying of charging level. You may be freak out after seeing the battery level remains 9% after a long period of charging time. Even the number will decrease instead. But in fact, the battery is correctly charged. It is only the display bug that matters. Most of us won’t be willing to upgrade the cellphone at the cost of faster running out of battery.

It is highly recommended that before a stable version of the new system settle down, you’d better keep the old system of ios 12 running in your iphone. As the old version is a more familiar system with your iphone, as well as with you.


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