Is it worth upgrading to iOS 13?

Just like what Apple will do as a routine every year, the new iPhone operating system, iOS 13 was released on September 19th, just a week after iPhone 11 series were launched and days before iOS 13.1 will be introduced. Although teased by the public for a long time, iOS 13 has been tried by some people through the iOS 13 beta version early in June. Actual feelings and experience may differ in those testers, but they all report that some bugs, no matter large or small, are encountered by them and make the entire testing slightly less happy. Is it worth updating to iOS 13? In the first place, let’s learn more about its benefits and bugs.

Dark Mode

Dark mode probably is the most eye-catching feature for most iPhone users. Actually, it has been the trend of this year since Android 10 came out with it weeks ago. When in dark mode, every single app will be black, the color that is purely black instead of dark grey. For iPhone night users, this can be a great option for the eyes can be better protected through a less bright display. For convenience’s sake, you can also add a dark mode toggle to the Control Center so that switching between the two modes (dark mode and light mode) will be very quick.

New Photos App

Compared with dark mode, the updated photos app is much more practical. There are mainly two big changes. The first one enables you to check out photos taken in the past more conveniently. The app will not display all your photos at the same time; on the contrary, it looks much more sequential and ordered. Just click certain year tab, and you will jump into the month tab of that year, and then you will be asked to choose one of the days you want to see most. The other change is the new editing tools. If editing the picture, you will be offered a variety of adjustments like exposure, highlights, shadows, contrast, black point, and more. Basic tools for video editing are also added, making it possible to simply cropping or rotating a video.

Hard Permission Settings to Track Where You Are

Again, Apple shows us its determination of protecting users’ private information. The new location settings enable location tracking for a particular app. You can also allow the app to track your location once or just when you are using it. Furthermore, if you keep giving permission to an app to collect your location, the iOS 13 will tell you all the places the app has tracked from you.

Other Improvements and Reported Bugs

There are many other improvements like Apple maps that let you look around real-world locations just like Google maps do, the new Reminders with a new design, new sorting options, and a Siri-powered smart toolbar, the new keyboard that supports swiping to type, and much more. Hidden functions are also waited to be explored, which may get you surprised just the same way as the potential bugs let you upset. Reported bugs include hiccups when creating custom transitions in apps, glitch that allows users to bypass the iPhone’s lock screen and access Contacts, odds that pictures are assigned to a wrong date… 


Apple iOS 13 is somewhat behind expectations. After all, iOS 12 was considered as the possibly most stable version which made a good foundation for a rather revolutionary one. But just like the iPhone release, the more hope we have towards it, the more disappointment we may receive. Nevertheless, the quality is always there. If you are a novelty hunter or adventurer, then just feel free to try the new version, with iOS 13.1 waiting for you if you regret upgrading. If you are surrounded by too many tasks these days, it is more recommended for you to keep your iPhone familiar to you for the time being. 


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