Does Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 come with an S pen?

Rumors about Samsung planning to release a second-generation Galaxy Fold have been around for months. As reported, the Galaxy Fold 2 will be quite large, coming in at 7.59 inches. New exciting features will be added, including the 120Hz high refresh rate and 5G connectivity. Additionally, the phone will have the same features as otherContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 come with an S pen?”

Is Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 waterproof?

A patent published last week, May 22 by the WIPO from Samsung Electronics hints that the next Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may carry an IP rating. The file refers to the model as “an electronic device including a waterproof structure”, which means Galaxy Fold 2 is likely to be protected from water and even dust.Continue reading “Is Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 waterproof?”