Best Augmented Reality Glasses 2016



With brands like Facebook, Samsung and Sony all come out with VR products of their own; most of us are becoming familiar with Virtual Reality. As an emerging technology, it can bring you into a completely different virtual world. Under this circumstance, you may want to experience another virtual world without being tethered to your PC and without zoning out completely. This is Augmented Reality technology, simply AR, another closely related industry of VR.

There are many devices to achieve Augmented Reality. Generally, it can be used on all screens; therefore, with AR your mobile devices like smartphone and tablets can be acted like a magic window in various applications from study to entertainment. Of course, Augmented Reality can also be used on connected devices, such as PC and connected TV players. What’s more, on head mounted displays, glasses, and lens, Augmented Reality becomes a part of your field of view making for more life-like augmented reality experience.


Although, Augmented Reality is relatively young industry and has a list of flaws and limitations, some of its products have already shown us amazing performance. In the rest part of this article, let us get into some best Augmented Reality glasses in 2016.


Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft is one of the leaders in the Augmented Reality industry. Microsoft Hololens, undoubtedly, took us all by surprise when it was unveiled at a windows 10 event.

The set-up of these glasses consists of holographic lenses and a depth camera as well as speakers above the ears and on-broad processing via Intel 32-bit architecture, an unspecified GPU and HPU backed up by 2GB of RAM and 64 GB of onboard storage. As has been expected, it will support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

This glasses work by using holograms to add a layer of virtual reality to an actual field of view. It’s a best tool for artists to design virtual objects in 3D. And it presents you a more realistic virtual solar system suspending in midair, so you can explore planets in a vivid way. If you major in medical science, you can inspect every bit of the human body without having to dissect a cadaver. Sounds a really amazing world right? And it comes with an amazing price tag as well, which is shown $3000. Obviously, it is not a consumer product, at least not yet now.


Magic Leap

Many people are calling Magic Leap the screen killer as it has the potential to replace computer and smartphones. Because by using the technology, you can replace physical screens with virtual screens. And the text and visuals on the visual screen would look just as good as in physical screen. With easy and intuitive controls included, you wouldn’t need to lag your PC or smartphone anymore. Have your glasses on, you can browse Facebook, watch video, play games, shop on Amazon in a more exciting way than doing that in your smartphone. However, no one is sure when we are going to see a consumer product released. One thing can be sure is that you must spend no less than $1000 to afford one when is exist to market.



CastAR is specially designed for gaming. It can overlay animations on top of the real world, creating a “mixed reality” environment that makes you feel like you’re immersed inside a tabletop game experience. The glasses work with reflective sheets-like material called “retro-reflective” that can be placed on the floor, table or any other surface. And the best part is that CastAR allows multiplayer modes, whether the opponent is right there in the room with you or miles means that you would be never worried about lacking of friends to play game with you. If you are a game lover, it is really exciting news for you to hear its release.


Recon Jet Smart Glasses

If you are a cyclist who have already own a smartwatch, you may consider replacing it with a pair of smart glasses. Recon Jet Smart glasses is designed specifically for cyclists. Having your glasses on, you can get various types of data including distance, speed, elevation, cadence and duration directly in front of your eyes without taking your view off the road. Instead of glancing down on your phone or smartwatch, you’re safer with your glasses.

In the new year we will expect to a flurry of activities related to AR, VR and MR. Even Apple is said to be working on its own VR/AR technology that could launch soon. But clearly, there is still a long way to run when AR grows to the crest stage. Let’s see how this comes out in the future.


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