What is Augmented Reality



By recreation of the real world, VR expands the field of our vision, providing us a vivid but virtual world. Based on VR technology, there comes augmented reality (AR). In comparison to VR technology, AR is closer to the real world. It adds graphics, sounds, haptic feedback, and smell to the natural world as it exists. Milgram points out that computer interfaces can be placed on a continuum according to how was the user’s world is generated by the computer. From figure below, we can easily see that moving from left to right the amount of virtual imagery increase and the connection with reality weakens. Usually, hardware components for augmented reality are: processor, display, sensors and input devices.


Perhaps, you are still not familiar to AR, but no doubt that AR can be applied to many fields from military to entertainment. Augmented reality is changing the way we view the world and today at least it changes the way its users see the world.

A simple definition may not enough to explain what AR really is and it’s hard for you to understand how it works. When comes to know something new, the best way is to know where and how it be used. A few applications of AR technology will help you a better understanding of it.


AR with education

Have you ever felt some disappointed without seeing a more vivid primeval forest where living so many precious plants and animals in your science and biology classes? And if you’re a teacher, you may feel regret for failing to draw students attention without picturesque teaching tool. Nowadays, by integrating augmented reality into your lecture, you’ll have your audience’s undivided attention. Undoubtedly, students will benefit from AR technology a lot by requiring a comprehensive knowledge.


For instance, a biology teacher can integrate AR into his or her lessons to show 3D models of dinosaur and present the evolution of human being in a three-dimensional space. Meanwhile, students are able to access models on their own devices via augment’s app so that students can involve themselves in and have a better understanding of the concepts they are learning. And more, AR serves a good way to solve the problem of lacking of expensive teaching tools. As we all know, prototypes, physical models, and detailed illustrations and posters are all extremely expensive but necessary to students. With Augment, physical materials investment devices at school can be saved mostly. Students can access models from any device at any time with a simple scan.

This is AR which provides convenience for teachers and makes students become excited about learning as well as enables them to discover unknown passions.


AR with shopping experiences

With the development of e-commerce, people are more rely on the Internet. People enjoy the shopping experiences that they can buy what they want with no need to step out the door. However, facing the problem of discrepancy between pictures and material objects, consumers have more and more complain about shopping online. As product visualization is the next trend to change the retail and Omni-commerce space forever, AR will make a great impact on this industry. Both in-store and online, AR can serves consumers good.

In-store, with a simple image scan, customers can be displayed information and other visuals on packaged items, so they can buy what they expect safely.

What’s more, if you prefer to purchase online, it’s also safe and convenient for you to try any products at home through AR technology. With a click of button, you can know whether this clothes are suitable or not and which size would fit you best. Sounds amazing right? This is AR which enable you an enjoyable purchasing.AR-entertainment

AR with entertainment

AR used in the field of entertainment is not fresh news anymore. When graphics are pulled out of your television or computer display and integrated into a real-world environment, what would they like? With the advancements of forthcoming AR headsets, entertainment is about to explore a tech revolution. With AR technology, your surroundings will be turned into an interactive, gaming landscape. Participate in the gaming world, you will have a whole new experience.


Above all are three fields which we’re familiar with in our daily life. From these examples, you can have a concept of AR. In fact, AR has a big prospect for us to expect. Time will tell where it will bring us to.

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