Does HomePod have Intercom feature

Apple unveiled a smaller and more affordable version of the HomePod, HomePod mini. It shares most features of HomePod and boasts impressive audio quality for its size. What’s more, it comes with a new feature called Intercom, a Thread radio that lets it act as a smart home hub. You can send messages from oneContinue reading “Does HomePod have Intercom feature”

Does HomePod sync podcasts across iCloud?

As a common view, Apple’s newest wireless smart speaker, HomePod, has the best sound quality among all the smart speakers. No matter what you play through it, it’s definitely an enjoyable experience. Although owning a HomePod means that you can control the audio stream by your voice command, it’s necessary to learn what HomePod can do andContinue reading “Does HomePod sync podcasts across iCloud?”

Can Apple HomePod be used as a Bluetooth Speaker

We heard a lot of praise for Apple HomePod‘s premium sound quality. It’s attractive enough. However, if you don’t have iPhone, iPad or Mac, can you buy it and use as a regular Bluetooth speaker? The answer is NO.  Even though it has Bluetooth 5.0, it can’t receive an aux input through Bluetooth. Bluetooth 5.0Continue reading “Can Apple HomePod be used as a Bluetooth Speaker”

How much will you cost to repair your Apple HomePod

Apple fans are familiar with AppleCare+. To buy or not to buy. It all depends on our choice. Should we purchase AppleCare+ for HomePod? First of all, we need to know how much will we cost to repair an Apple HomePod. Is it worth it to buy AppleCare+ for HomePod? Apple HomePod started to beContinue reading “How much will you cost to repair your Apple HomePod”

Apple HomePod Review: Excellent Sound Quality, while Siri Struggles at Smart

Unlike other companies that emphasize the artificial intelligence, Apple emphasizes that HomePod is first and foremost a loudspeaker capable of excellent sound quality and satisfying your musical pleasure, and secondly, it’s your voice smart assistant. Meanwhile, the much higher price than other mainstream smart speakers is also a clear sign that Apple differentiates itself fromContinue reading “Apple HomePod Review: Excellent Sound Quality, while Siri Struggles at Smart”

Is Apple HomePod waterproof

Apple has finally entered the smart speaker market with Apple HomePod. Reviewers keep praising its sound quality but criticize Siri. Although Apple HomePod can’t lock Alexa out of the gate, it’s at least a good news to Apple fans. Besides sound quality, water resistance is another feature you may concern. With its seamless mesh fabricContinue reading “Is Apple HomePod waterproof”