How much will you cost to repair your Apple HomePod


Apple fans are familiar with AppleCare+. To buy or not to buy. It all depends on our choice. Should we purchase AppleCare+ for HomePod? First of all, we need to know how much will we cost to repair an Apple HomePod.


Is it worth it to buy AppleCare+ for HomePod?

Apple HomePod started to be sold in the United States, United Kindom, and Australia. Therefore, I will list the repairment quotation in these countries separately. Of course, I mean out-of-warranty service pricing for the speaker. If you want to find other repairment store or ask your friends to help, it isn’t taken into consideration. Is Apple HomePod waterproof

HomePod owners who ask for out-of-warranty repairment service will pay $279 in the united states, £268.44 in the United Kingdom, and A$399 in Australia to repair or replace a HomePod with any damage unless the issue is the result of a manufacturing defect covered by Apple’s limited one-year warranty. Otherwise, if you are asked to send your HomePod to an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Apple will offer you a box to ship it back for an additional fee of $19.95 in the United States, £13.44 in the United Kingdom, and A$29.95 in Australia.

Let’s do arithmetics. Official repairment fee for Apple HomePod is $349 in the United States, £319 in the United Kingdom, and A$499 in Australia. Almost 80% of a brand-new HomePod. 

And How about the AppleCare+ for HomePod? Check the chart below and you will find the answer by yourself.


AppleCare+ for HomePod extends your coverage to two years from the original purchase date of your HomePod and adds up to two incidents of accidents of accidental damage coverage. With the undetached charging cable, you need to take care of your HomePod or purchase AppleCare+ for it.

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