Will Samsung Galaxy S10 support 5G

Samsung confirmed its release date of the next S flagship- Galaxy S10 on the CES 2019, the launch event will take place on Wednesday, February 20 at 11 am. Even though there are still 3 weeks to go, rumors and leaks about it had been refreshed from time to time. It seems that Samsung GalaxyContinue reading “Will Samsung Galaxy S10 support 5G”

When Will 5G iPhones and Android Phones Come Out?

At present, 5G is the fifth generation of mobile communication technology, and it has entered the critical stage of standards and R&D in the world. However, there are currently no standards for 5G technology, and global R&D is also moving in many different directions.┬áIn the foreseeable two or three years, smartphones are about to usherContinue reading “When Will 5G iPhones and Android Phones Come Out?”

Does iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Support 5G Network?

The 5G network has become a hot topic for us. Gradually, we are also looking forward to the use of 5G networks. Last year, Apple was criticized for not supporting the highest connection speed of 4G networks. However, most 4G networks can’t increase the connection speed to the level that users need. This September, AppleContinue reading “Does iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Support 5G Network?”