Will Pixel 4 support 5G ?


Google officially announced the design of Pixel 4 when there are still 4 months to go for release, it’s pretty wild to see a company confirms leaks by providing an even harder leak than others. From the released picture we can see the big old camera bump which looks likely to house at least 2 rear cameras, it appears to show 3 but the top lens might be a full blown camera or just a sensor. However, you may say this is an “iPhone 11” copycat due to the similar camera bump, realistically this kind of camera module style was started by Huawei Mate 20 series last year.

Instead of the camera setting I care more about other features like 5G since it’s a hot trend and most flagship phones released this year had added the 5G version, Samsung did it on S10 line and Huawei unlocked it on its Mate X, even OnePlus 7 Pro launched 5G model a couple of weeks ago, the potential of 5G market is clear to see, so what about the upcoming new flagship from Google, will Pixel 4 support 5G?


Until now there’s no reliable leak about 5G on Pixel 4 yet, leaks should not be considered seriously but most times they provide valuable insight into what the next iteration of smartphone would look like. Even though 5G has raised a lot of talk and become an eye-catching topic, I still doubt that Pixel 4 would be a 5G phone since there are only 4 months left for the debut and the hardware specs were expected to be finalized a couple of months before, similar to the new iPhone this year it’s quite late to switch to 5G, the best bet of 5G smartphone from Apple and Google would be the iPhone and Pixel in 2020. 


(picture source: BGR)

Anyway, if Google breaks the release cycle and brings 5G to counteract all the disadvantages to be late in the high-tech specs, 5G is an excellent point. I think Google is an innovative company that does their best to incorporate new technology into device design, Pixel is too famous for the amazing camera and software algorithms behind that, so the customers would pay more attention to the shooting effect and almost forget Google is also good at adopting other cutting-edge techs. 5G is a gimmick feature though, we still have no idea how much it will change the real world but it will benefit the average consumers with the upgraded bandwidth for sure.


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