Should you get the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G? Why?


Samsung’s newest Galaxy S devices include four handsets, Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10E, and S10 5G. While the first three will go on sale on 8 March, S10 5G won’t be available until the second quarter of 2019. If you’re wondering whether you should wait for it, or buy a Galaxy S10 Plus immediately, let’s learn more about them.


What can we do with the 5G on Samsung Galaxy S10 5G?

Theoretically, 5G will let you reach to the speeds between 1 to 10 Gbps, which is between 10 and 100 times faster than your 4G LTE connection today. But it depends on how many people in the area, the spectrum being used, and a whole host of other conditions. It’s more possible that you will get steadily 50 Mbps or higher. Just like 4G LTE, the speed can tops out around 300Mbps, but normally people only get 15Mbps to 50Mbps. And the latency, the time in which it takes for the network to respond to a request, can be even quicker on 5G than with a physical fiber-optic cable going into your house. You can connect to the network in as quick as a millisecond to start your download or upload.

5G on a supported phone like Galaxy S10 5G will let you download content incredibly fast, stream higher-quality audio and video without interruptions. And it will enable the usage of a slew of new applications with advanced photography tools, such as streaming 3D and holographic renderings. You will be able to use all kinds of artificial intelligence actions and augmented reality apps on your phone. All of these works can take too long to process with a phone without 5G. 


Do we really need a 5G smartphone at present?

The premise of we need a 5G phone, is that we can use it without compromise. Some U.S. carriers will be bringing 5G networks online this year. However, it will be in certain areas in selected cities. A nationwide 5G support could take another two years or more. Therefore, you should make sure your area will be covered at least before you pay for it. 

The second thing, you should take into consideration, is that there are a limited number of applications using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at present. If you change your phone every year, or frequently, it may be better to delay your purchase schedule of a 5G supported phone.

And the forefront of technology may also bring unexpected issues. When the early 4G handsets released, the poor battery life as the phone searched for 4G signals bothered many users. Hopefully, it won’t happen on Galaxy S10 5G, but there’s no promise that other problems won’t arise. Besides, as 5G technology developed, more and more devices come to market and the prices will inevitably drop by then.

I don’t want to judge whether Galaxy S10 5G deserves to pay for or not. Just suggest you take deep consideration before you buy it. After all, it will cost more than an upscale-enough Galaxy S10 Plus. 

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Other possible reasons why we choose the Galaxy S10 5G

The S10 Plus is already large with a 6.4-inch screen, but the S10 5G has a massive 6.7-inch display, which makes it a litter taller and wider. If you are not satisfied with the screen size of S10 Plus, it will be more suitable for you. The big body size also releases its larger battery capacity. S10 5G has a 4,500-milliamp battery, which is 400-milliamp larger than the battery packed in the S10 Plus. However, it is a little heavier at 198 grams than the S10 Plus’s 175 grams.

Samsung is also applying the new Dynamic AMOLED screen, which supports HDR10+, so you’re getting impeccable color accuracy. The smaller S10 and S10 Plus are technically sharper, but the 5G phone is plenty bright, and it also natively reduces blue light — which can disrupt sleep — by 42 percent.

The camera system on the Galaxy S10 5G is similar to the Galaxy S10 Plus, but there are some upgrades. You will get a triple-camera system at the back and dual-front cameras like S10 Plus. But a Time of Flight (ToF) sensor is added among both of them. The ToF sensor on the back will help measure depth, which will enhance AR applications as 5G becomes a reality.

The sensor on the front will improve portrait mode selfies and enable new AR experiences. It even does a dramatical improvement on Samsung’s AR Emojis. Even more impressive is Live Video, where blur effects can be added to a live video. The S10 5G’s Selfie Live Focus (portrait mode for selfies) is also vastly superior to the rest of the Galaxy S10 range.

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