Tips to Take the Best Selfie

Learning the technique that’s involved with taking the perfect selfie takes some skill. Growing in popularity, the “selfie” has yielded well over 155 million searches on Instagram this far and was recently added to the English Dictionary. It leads to the question: how do you take the best selfie?   Choose the Best Possible LightingContinue reading “Tips to Take the Best Selfie”

Who’s Best: EasyAcc, Anker, and RAVPower Power Bank Review

  Almost every smartphone owners expected to know the problem: the battery could quickly runs out; sometimes even in the worst situations, far away from the nearest wall outlet. Whether you’re camping or hiking, Power Banks have become a popular option, smartphones and tablets need power supply on the go. Some manufacturers integrate in the currentContinue reading “Who’s Best: EasyAcc, Anker, and RAVPower Power Bank Review”

Price of Top 5 10000 mAh Power Bank on Amazon

If you are finding an awesome power bank to use in both daily life and travelling, 10000 mah power banks are the best choices for their appropriate capacity and moderate size. With price being a major determining factor, we have complied a list of pocket-friendly power banks with a battery capacity of 10000 mAh.  Continue reading “Price of Top 5 10000 mAh Power Bank on Amazon”

A Brief History of Power Bank — What Has It Replaced and What Has Failed to Replace It

      Power banks aren’t perfect, but they’ve become a necessary part of people’s life nowadays.           Like all technology, power bank has also evolved over time. In the past ten or more years, power bank developed from a simple combination of a control circuit and a few AA batteriesContinue reading “A Brief History of Power Bank — What Has It Replaced and What Has Failed to Replace It”

EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker and 10000mAh Power Bank International Giveaway

Feeling lucky or just making a packing list for the coming spring break? Have a try and win a Bluetooth speaker and a portable power bank with Smart Technology! Let the two travel gadgets make your road trip more enjoyable.  This time we are giving away the DP200 Bluetooth Speaker and 10000mAh Power Bank! DP200 is one ofContinue reading “EasyAcc Bluetooth Speaker and 10000mAh Power Bank International Giveaway”

Is charging phone overnight bad?

  Yes, we know, our smartphone batteries are bad as they barely last a day. At the earlier days when we buy it, it’s the fault of smartphone manufacturers. But what about several days later? It’s to some extent your own fault for charging it wrong this whole time. For example, charging phone overnight.    Firstly,Continue reading “Is charging phone overnight bad?”

What is mAh in power bank?

  Phones get faster and faster year by year, but battery life doesn’t seem to get any better. For example, the upcoming iPhone 5se with a battery capacity prediction of 1,642mAh at most. While now, we got a awesome solution, that is, the portable charger or so-called power bank.    While wandering around the amazon,Continue reading “What is mAh in power bank?”

Top 3 Best Smart Power Bank

Nowadays, Most people’s smart devices have to endure constant, heavy use, which makes smart power bank / quick charge power bank an important accessory to carry regularly. But with so many options out there for power banks, it can be hard to pick the right pack with the right power capacity for your needs. Thankfully, Today I hasContinue reading “Top 3 Best Smart Power Bank”

Best Power banks for iPhone 5se

  Though iPhone 5se is still not released, rumors about it have ramped out recently, among which the release date will be early March this year.   Though we can’t make sure that what battery capacity of iPhone 5se will be, at least there’s a point we could make sure is that iPhone 5se’s batteryContinue reading “Best Power banks for iPhone 5se”

What is Smart Power Bank?

Smart Power Bank means Power Bank with Smart Tech. The following picture tells you what’s  the Smart Tech firstly.(Smart, Fast,Easy, Safe) Smart Power Bank Manufacturer Recommendation: Anker, EasyAcc,Tronsmart,Ravpower.            1.Anker’s Smart Power Bank —PowerIQ™ Detects your device. Delivers the fastest charge. Slow chargers explained. Why does your smartphone charge faster from some chargers and slower from others?Continue reading “What is Smart Power Bank?”