What is Smart Power Bank?

Smart Power Bank means Power Bank with Smart Tech. The following picture tells you what’s  the Smart Tech firstly.(Smart, Fast,Easy, Safe)


Smart Power Bank Manufacturer Recommendation: AnkerEasyAcc,Tronsmart,Ravpower


Anker-Smart-Tech-For -Power-Bank     


1.Anker’s Smart Power Bank —PowerIQ™ Detects your device. Delivers the fastest charge.

Slow chargers explained.
Why does your smartphone charge faster from some chargers and slower from others? The issue isn’t just power output, it’s compatibility. Standard chargers are hard-wired with one charging protocol even though every mobile device is unique.

Charge faster. Save time.
PowerIQ™ technology dynamically detects and adapts to your device’s unique charging protocol enabling it to charge at full speed. So thanks to PowerIQ™, together with Anker’s industry-leading power output, charge faster and save time.

Tronsmart-smart-tech-For -Power-Bank

2.Tronsmart’s Smart Power Bank VoltIQ—Detect–>Identify–>Deliver Each Best Amperage

Tronsmart’s VoltIQ technology,as an ideal solution, fixes it once at all. It automatically adjusts amperage and wattage to the maximum ratio required by the device, so that more current-hungry devices are not starved and less current-hungry devices are not over-allocated resources.

Tronsmart’s VoltIQ technology is what keeps ports normal ports, the ones without Quick Charge 2.0, from receiving an inappropriate amount of power. Regardless of the amount of devices connected or which port they are using, VoltIQ can ensure that the necessary amount of a power is generated.


 EasyAcc-Smart-Tech-For -Power-Bank                        


3.EasyAcc’s Smart Power Bank—Smart Power, Easier Life

Fast Charging: Advanced smart technology, automatically identify the device connected and output fastest current to achieve the efficiency of original charger.


Safety Insurance: 9 protections from all-around the power bank, provide more reliable and safer using experience.


Highly sophisticated and safe smart ICs: Short circuit protection; Overcharge protection; Over discharge protection; Over current protection.


Ravpower-Smart-Tech-For -Power-Bank



4. Ravpower—Charging Faster and Charging Smarter

By intelligently detecting the charging needs of any connected device, iSmart products automatically deliver an output to perfectly match each specific product, allowing for maximum efficiency with zero limitations. Charge your devices, the iSmart way. RAVPower products with iSmart Technology have been proven to charge devices faster.




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What is Smart Power Bank?》有2个想法

  1. EasyAcc 2nd Gen. Metal 6400mAh Power Bank Bar(2.4A Smart Output) External Battery Pack Portable Travel Charger for iPhone Samsung Smartphones – Black
    I have the above item, recently purchased from Amazon. It charges my phone, but keeps intermittantly stopping. I have to push the white button on the top of the power pack for it to continue charging again. Is this normal, or do I have a faulty one please?

    1. Dear James, normally the power bank would automatically charge you phone after you click the white button once, if it continues stopping the charging flow, I’m afraid there’s a technical defect, please contact us at support@easya.cc for further assistance within warranty.


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