Coca-Cola Smart Bottle Selfie Stick

As a familiar word to the people all over the world, Coca-Cola, to some extent, has been a part of our life, which just like our close friend showing everywhere we go and every time we feel thirsty. Coca-Cola has 130 years history since 1886 was founded. And it is still energetic by virtual ofContinue reading “Coca-Cola Smart Bottle Selfie Stick”

How to Take a Selfie Like a Model

Posting a selfie on the social media has been a common and popular action nowadays. People want to show their perfect image to others. However, not all people know how to take a good-looking selfie. You may notice that there is one of your friends who always makes a duck face or pose a VContinue reading “How to Take a Selfie Like a Model”

Selfie tips, how to take a selfie with fake nails?

Guys answer the questions: Have you ever tried to wear fake nails? Some guys were invited to try fake nails and they did. Guess how they think about the fake nails? Someone says, he is a kind of scared of this and he even thought how important the fingernails are!  Just hold the fake nails and glue them to theContinue reading “Selfie tips, how to take a selfie with fake nails?”

Tips to Take the Best Selfie

Learning the technique that’s involved with taking the perfect selfie takes some skill. Growing in popularity, the “selfie” has yielded well over 155 million searches on Instagram this far and was recently added to the English Dictionary. It leads to the question: how do you take the best selfie?   Choose the Best Possible LightingContinue reading “Tips to Take the Best Selfie”

Tips and Tricks: Take a selfie to catch me if you can

How many times will you press the button of camera in the phone per day? I guess, a perfect selfie may be taken and chosen after more than ten times tries. How to taking a perfect selfie with a phone all the time?  Here are  5 tips to offer you a skill of never takingContinue reading “Tips and Tricks: Take a selfie to catch me if you can”

How To Make A Phone Case To A Selfie Stick?

STIKBOX , The first full-length  built into a phone case!  If you’re too embarrassed to be seen carrying a selfie stick, but don’t have enough pride to write them off altogether, there’s a new iPhone case made with you in mind. Meet StikBox, the first selfie stick case for your iPhone. Because why carry twoContinue reading “How To Make A Phone Case To A Selfie Stick?”

3 Simple Ways to DIY Phone Tripods

  Phone Tripods are widely used in our life. When we go out for camping or just face-timing with others, a phone tripod will greatly free your hands and take a better picture. However, what if you do not have a tripod in hand? The video below shows you 3 simply ways to DIY aContinue reading “3 Simple Ways to DIY Phone Tripods”

Who’s the Best: smartphone Bluetooth selfie stick?

There are currently more phone-holding monopods on the market than you can shake a stick at. But not all are created equally. Which is the best selfie stick, from £10 bargains to $100 serious pieces of equipment?    The guardian has set about testing all the selfie sticks that looked good from various brands around theContinue reading “Who’s the Best: smartphone Bluetooth selfie stick?”