Back to college refreshingly, yet powerfully— Updated

  Tis the season to pack up your luggage to start college or enter your second and third years in the coming months. While you wait, you might be drawing up lists of items that you have to take with— from the sleeping mask to notebooks. But what about technology? Actually, most of  you haveContinue reading “Back to college refreshingly, yet powerfully— Updated”

where you are, where we are

At the moment celebrating the EasyAcc anniversary and the launching of EasyBlog and Twitter, we are such grateful to all the Fans all over the world. In the past days, we join together and share the every moment of life. Sometimes, maybe you are enjoying the get-together with family;   Sometimes, maybe you are chattingContinue reading “where you are, where we are”

Revving Up Your Summer with EasyAcc

Hoo~ It’s the summer time once again and let’s bravo together. In this season, we are vigorous. In this season, we are sexy and cool. In this season, we release our passion. And in this season, we embrace the nature to the full. Sometimes, we’ll go to the sunny beach and enjoy the sunbath with love girlfriends.Continue reading “Revving Up Your Summer with EasyAcc”

Special thanks to 30,000 friends and more

How time flies before I ever notice that we are approaching 30,000 fans on EasyAcc’s Facebook. I have been in charge of Facebook from this March and I am really happy with my job since I have made friends from all over the world who are interested in EasyAcc or who had already bought someContinue reading “Special thanks to 30,000 friends and more”