6 Gadgets To Take On Spring Break 2016

1. Pack The Right Clothes: Spring break is meant to be casual, so be sure to bring some cute shorts, 2 swim suits, tees and jeans. You may go out while you are there, so be sure to bring a cute dress or a dressy pair of jeans. Also take a sweater or hoodie forContinue reading “6 Gadgets To Take On Spring Break 2016”

How To Charge Phone Faster

How To Charge Phone Faster? 1. Use a More Powerful Charger Rather than simply using the charger that came with your device, you can sometimes charge it faster by upgrading to a more powerful charger. For example, Apple’s iPhone 6 phones ship with a 1A (5W) charger, but they can charge faster when plugged intoContinue reading “How To Charge Phone Faster”

Before You Buy a New iPhone, Read This

5 ways to make your old iPhone works faster so that you are no need to buy a new one.   How long have you been used the iPhone in your hand? Do you feel it gradually going slower and therefore need a new one? Please hold on just a minute and take a lookContinue reading “Before You Buy a New iPhone, Read This”

10 Tips for Spring Break on a Budget

Money is tight. So just because you are living on a budget doesn’t mean you have to stay home for Spring Break this year. Going to best spring break destinations just like Phuket doesn’t have to be an occasion to break the bank. If you’re vigilant about saving money, you can have a great trip andContinue reading “10 Tips for Spring Break on a Budget”

Read This Before You Buy An Earphone Part 1

No matter you’re at home or on the go, many of us spend a lot of time listening to music on our headphones. If you’re looking to get beyond the iPod earbuds and invest in a nice pair of headphones for yourself, When Apple began packaging earbuds with their iPods in 2001, music lovers abandoned theirContinue reading “Read This Before You Buy An Earphone Part 1”

10 Survival Tips and Tricks That Might Save Your Life

In this video there are 10 Survival Tips and Tricks that will work in the wilderness or urban environment. Some come from well known survivalist such as Bear Grylls, some are common bushcraft practice for outdoors man and some are just good old fashion life hacks. 1. Fire goods 2. Kerchief 3. Watch 4. CharcoalContinue reading “10 Survival Tips and Tricks That Might Save Your Life”

Swiss Mountain Bushcraft Overnight With EasyAcc Power Bank

It’s time for spring break, do you want to go the Swiss Mountain with EasyAcc? Let’s see how these guys climb the Swiss Mountain with EasyAcc Power Bank. “Meet Up with my good friends, Taro, Taromovies, Marcus Buschsani and Benjamin Claussner in the Alps, Schweizer Berge. Channel Links below. With hiking, Mountain Hut, Cabin, Shelter,Continue reading “Swiss Mountain Bushcraft Overnight With EasyAcc Power Bank”

How To Power Down Your IPad Completely

When you push the power button briefly on an iPad so that its screen turns off, believe it or not, it is not completely turned off. It will continue to burn its charge at a faster rate than it would when turned off completely. It will also continue to accept alerts and you may beContinue reading “How To Power Down Your IPad Completely”

How To Extend The IPad Battery Life

Just as with an iPhone or iPod Touch, the battery life of your iPad will be shorter during heavy use. However, there are some measures you can take to keep your device on and active for hours of enjoyment, and this article explains what you can do to lengthen the battery life. Turn off Wi-FiContinue reading “How To Extend The IPad Battery Life”

How To Make A Phone Case To A Selfie Stick?

STIKBOX , The first full-length  built into a phone case!  If you’re too embarrassed to be seen carrying a selfie stick, but don’t have enough pride to write them off altogether, there’s a new iPhone case made with you in mind. Meet StikBox, the first selfie stick case for your iPhone. Because why carry twoContinue reading “How To Make A Phone Case To A Selfie Stick?”