How to fix a phone that couldn’t charge properly

While coming to the problem that your phone isn’t charging properly, don’t immediately assume your phone charger or battery is broken. Or at least, please take a look at the following ways to examine and fix the problems.

How to fix a phone that couldn't charge properly


The tips and tricks below are available to:

— it won’t charge at all when it’s plugged in;

— it only charges very slowly;


Do-It-Yourself USB port fix 

In most circumstances, the quickest, easiest and often most successful solution, is to do a little DIY repair on your actual hardware, that is, the metallic surfaces inside the USB port and the microUSB charger are not making good contact. 

Shut down your device — remove the battery (if possible) — use something small (a toothpick for example) to lever up the little tab inside the USB port, carefully and gently. Nine times out of 10 this is all that is required. 

Do-It-Yourself USB port fix


Remove lint, candy and dust

Where will you frequently put your phone while taking alone? Keeping in the pocket of jeans? If so, lint could be the culprit. And, a can of compressed air can blow out the offending irritants and get your USB connection back to normal.

Remove lint, candy and dust


Switch cables

I believe, nobody will deny that the flimsiest part of a charger is the cable. Apple users are particularly vulnerable here. 

The easiest way to diagnose a faulty cable is to try a different one and see if that works properly with your device.

Where to buy a reliable charger cable


Diagnose a dodgy adapter

If the charging cable doesn’t seem to the problem, check the wall plug adapter, especially the one where the charging cable can be removed, as the USB port becomes a little loose after endless plugging in and unplugging the cable. 



Remember – safety first

Do not charge your phone near water or in excessively hot or humid conditions.

Do not overcharge your device; 

Do not charge phone overnight when your battery only needs two or three hours, which can lead to a battery exploding or damaging your phone. 

Is it alright to charge phone overnight?


Replace the battery

Batteries don’t last forever. The more oftern you discharge and recharge them, the sooner they’ll need replacing. 

Replace the battery


Charge from the right source

Charging from a wall socket or a smart power bank will always be faster than charging via PC or laptop. 

Power Bank 20000mAh


Update or roll back

Software updates can wreak havoc with battery life, especially when upgrading an old device to current software. Newer devices are often optimized to take advantage of the latest software. 

If this happens to you and you can’t troubleshoot the problem, consider rolling the device back to an earlier version. 

Update or roll back


Switch it off

Using battery-intensive apps/features while you’re charging your device will afect how quickly it gains battery life. 

Switch the device to airplane mode, or off completely. Think of it making your device take a power nap. 


Have you suffered from a smartphone that won’t charge properly? 

Let us know if you’ve found a fix that we haven’t mentioned here in the comments. 


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