Electric Gadgets and Tips for Travel

Electric Gadgets and Tips for Travel: buenos-aires-plane

Tech Gadgets:

Macbook 12” / 0.92kg (+0.14kg power brick)
This is one of my favourite recent purchases. My old Macbook Pro weighed in at 2.04kg and had terrible battery-life so forced to carry the big 0.3kg power brick too. This is a huge improvement for life on-the-road. It can also be powered from a usb powerbank, which is great if you cannot track down a power socket in a coffeeshop.


Motorola Moto 4G 2nd Gen mobile phone / 0.15kg
When travelling I don’t want to be worrying about having a £600 iPhone in my pocket. I’ll probably replace this soon, since the camera is bad and battery life is not great.


LG G4 mobile phone
I got this to replace the Moto 4G. It has some good benefits when travelling. Large replaceable 3000 mAh battery and Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0.


Canon G7X Camera / 0.3kg
This is an amazing camera for its size. It squeezes a large 1 inch sensor into its compact body. The lens is a fast f1.8 and starts at a nice wide angle, zooming out to the equivalent of 100mm.


 EasyAcc 3000mAh powerbank / 0.08kg
Absolute critical for travel!!! Countless times my phone has died just when I really needed it. Whether it was Google maps to find my way home, or to book a last minute hotel. 3000 mAh gets my phone back to a full charge.


Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader / 0.21 kg


Remington MB320C Barba Beard Trimmer
This is not a great option for travel. It requires specific voltage/frequency, so doesn’t work in all countries.


Kingston Technology 32GB Data Traveler USB Flash Drive


Electric Gadgets and Tips for Travel


A Few Tips
Have a pen at hand when flying, so you can easily fill in your immigration cards.

Register for airbnb & agoda. And have your payment details saved there. Makes booking last minute easy.


 Get a data sim. In lots of places you can survive on wifi. But life is so much easier when you can always check Google Maps, or can drop people a messages when you are running late.

If you are flying a low-cost airline that is strict about only one carry-on item, but you have too much for a single bag, go buy something from duty-free and put stuff in the carrier bag. They ignore the duty-free bags.

 If you want to go ‘carry-on only’ then watch the weight of your bag. Features are nice, but add weight. You could easily lose an extra kilogram just on a heavy bag.

 From my experience backpacks are much less likely to draw attention from airline staff, then standard luggage. I think they assume if you are carrying it, it cannot be too heavy.


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