Power Boost to Stay Connected


What’s #smashing today?

Nowadays, we use electronic devices on day-to-day basis from contact to connection, such as our mobile phones, tablets. The problem with these so powerful and smart tech gears is that they consume a lot of energy, and they are draining the battery in a shorter time. Imagine that if these so smart, and so expensive devices, without energy, would become useless and worth as much as paperweights. Under such a circumstance, backup power resources are perfect for in-time power supplement which could energize these devices back to life and prolong the usage for more hours.

EasyAcc Aluminum Alloy 5000 mAh Power Bank has a rechargeable 5000 mAh battery that can approximately charge an iPhone 6 2 times and a Samsung S5 1.5 times, enough juice to prolong your battery life and connect to the whole world.

Crafted with aluminum alloy and arc-shaped edges, it looks chic, sleek and more suitable and natural to hold in your hands with no finger print left. Meanwhile, designed with a thickness of only 1.3 cm or the thinnest power bank on the market, it perfectly holds enough juice to get you back into action without weighing you down.

Anything else? Surely. allocated with the 1.8A input, it could, with the indication of LED lights, load full power faster, exceeding more than 80% similar-capacity power banks.

And now, we are happy to offer the entire Germany with the special price, only €14.99 to enjoy the power and enjoy the world.

Enter WCTU4Y6B at the checkout: http://www.amazon.de/dp/B00Q2G4T4E

Please check the effective time: 12/20/2014  1:00 AM CET  —  12/22/2014   11:59 PM CET

This winter, let’s get charged; let’s get connected; let’s get warm.



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