Valentine Campaign: Nothing More Than a Warm Hug


How often do you hug? When we are talking about it, so familiar it is. But just set aside few seconds and ask yourself, “when is the last hug with your loved ones”? Taking a hug, the easiest way to express your feelings:

Hugs between lovers are about happiness and sweetness.

Hugs between couples are about tolerance and understanding.

Hugs between friends are about care and trust.LoveQuotes

Hugs after an argument are about tolerance and forgiveness.

Hugs after a reunion are about missing and excitement.

Hugs before leaving are about reluctance to let go and expectations for next meet with each other.

Now, McDonald is randomly selecting customers to pay with Lovin’, including a hug with strangers.

This Valentine,

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Love is simple enough. Also, love sharing and love expression are also simple enough.

This Valentine, between love birds, if there are no flowers, no chocolate, no romantic meals, no expensive gifts, just open your arms and hug your beloved. That’s it.

This Valentine, not only for love birds. I think, it’s a day for love sharing and love expression. So sharing and expressing your love and gratitude to friends, families, pets, or someone else. What gifts? No, only open your arms and hug someone tightly.

ANYWAY, I think, the love in the warm HUG, nobody will miss it.

Love is never too late to express.

When you see this article, why not take a hug with your loved ones and take a photo together?

                                                                             Love Continues…






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